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Fox Spirit

A fox spirit, the inhabitants of Jinju

Jinju is the barely-terraformed home planet of Min and a setting in the Dragon Pearl. It is rife with poverty, discrimination, and corrupt patrol guards.


Outside of hydroponics domes, plants struggled to grow on the dusty planet, the only thriving survivors were purple-tinged shrubs and low trees.[1]

The city of Hongok was several hours away from Min's house. There were domes of various sizes which protected their inhabitants from dust and fickle weather. Some of them glistened like jewels, others had cracks patched with ugly but functional globs of sealant. The city was built on a darker ruddy plateau with a glitter-mass of silver and gold rising. At the West Gate flanked by two statues of Haetae.

Directories were thick rectangular columns, each face had a screen used to search for shops or addresses. The Market District, with its bright colors, mixture of smells and gossip, has the best vegetable fritters in the Outer Rim.[2] Neon signs advertised bars and restaurants, there were also tables with nineteen-by-nineteen grids for playing baduk.

Dragon Pearl

One morning Kim Min wakes to find her mother talking to an investigater about Kim Jun’s supposed desertion of the Thousand Worlds Space Forces. After she knocks the investigator out, she sets out to get off world to find her brother. Two months later she returns home to Jinju.


  • Jinju is the Korean word for pearl.
    • Jinju is also the name of a city in South Korea, and is possibly the namesake of the planet in and out of universe.
  • Hongok means ruby.
  • According to Yoon Ha Lee, Jinju suffered poverty to give Min a motivation to think of something bigger than herself.[3]


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