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Johhny is a mechanic at Juan & Sons Auto Repair in Rock Creek, Arizona.

Paola Santiago series

Paola Santiago and the Forest of Nightmares

Naomi takes Paola Santiago and Dante Mata to his family's garage to take them to Fresno. He agrees to take them during a scheduled trip on Thursday, three days from then, but Pao insists they have to leave that day. Johnny rejects the offer and Naomi ushers Pao and Dante away after saying she will refuse Johnny's next call for help. Johnny gives in and agrees to take them in a car he is working on, as the owner won’t pick it up for a few days. They head out after Naomi refuses to join them, only for her to change her mind and join them soon after.

As he crosses the state line, he notices Pao saying something and asks if she wants a snack. After a few more miles he stops at a rest stop and gives them ten minutes to get snacks and go to the bathroom. After Pao saves herself from a pack of Cadejo, he comes up to them and says some tourists called the police on Pao “assaulting the vending machines” and they head out as. A few miles down the road he pulls into a dive for lunch. Back on the road, Pao notices a boy her age in red pajamas hitchhiking and asks Johnny to pick him up, but he doesn’t see a boy. When Johnny asks for a drop off location. Pao and Naomi have nothing, but Dante requests they be dropped off in Raisin Valley, a town southwest of Fresno. They reach Raisin Valley at sunset as Dante directs him to a house, he says goodbye quickly before taking off.

He helps the Niños de la Luz in obtaining a warehouse after they return to Arizona.


Johnny is a teenager or young adult of Hispanic descent with dark skin and hair and a thick mustache. He has a face somewhere between adult and child.


Johnny is a helpful person who always repays his debts when he can.


  • He is part of a biker gang.
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