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Your sister will come to her senses, Brooks. She doesn’t have a choice. So, you like the new place? I designed it myself.

The Storm Runner

Jordan, whose real name is Xb'alamkej ("sh-bah-lam-KEH") is one of the hero twins from Mayan mythology who helped his brother defeat Ah-Puch (supposedly). He changed his name to fit in when he and Bird came to the US.


Xb'alamkej and his brother, Jun'ajpu, were the second generation of hero twins. They were raised by their mother Ixkik', who was a daughter of a lord of the underworld, and grandmother. They were really good ballplayers, and one day they played so loudly, the lords of the underworld got annoyed and asked them to come down to Xib'alb'a. They went and had to face a series of tests and trials, they were clever enough to pass each one. Eventually they avenged their father, Jun Jun'ajpu', and uncle, the first generation of hero twins, whom the lords of the underworld had killed.

Everyone was led to believe they defeated Ah-Puch, but they just defeated some of his minions. Bird and Jordan did this to establish their fame and notoriety, as well as ensure that no other godborns would ever challenge them. This inspired the humans to ignore the gods and instill enough fear in the gods to make them create the Sacred Oath, in which no gods can ever have children with humans again; that way they'd never have any competition. The twins used their popularity among humans as leverage in a deal with the gods where they promised to go on a PR tour encouraging humans to revere the gods again to restore balance, which was why these godborns got to live.

They also took down an evil god named Seven Macaw, who wanted to be the supreme god but Brooks says that wasn't hard. This second generation of hero twins killed a wicked and arrogant giant named Sipakna as well by dropping a mountain on him. Xb'alamkej changed his name to Jordan in order to fit in when he and Bird (Jun'ajpu') came to the US.[1]

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Brooks, his potential sister-in-law.

Jordan greets Brooks by calling her sister by marriage and informs her that her sister is close to marrying him saying she didn't have a choice. He takes them to Bird and they refuse to tell how they defeated Ah-Puch, Jordan said Brooks didn't deserve a favor after what happened with them. After Zane that mentions that Ah-Puch was free, Jordan laughs saying their place is shield with tons of magic. When Hondo played with their egos, Jordan tried to attack but failed. Brooks played along saying they stole their magic, Jordan calls Hondo a pathetic has-been. He threw a toothpick at an applicant after eating a meatball then gave some to Hondo. The applicant traded his daughter's beauty for a job so she can become a famous piano player. Zane Obispo says they should just give the man a break but they didn't listen. Once they see that Zane has the Jaguar Jade, they agreed to tell them their secret about defeating Ah-Puch if they beat him in a game. Jordan whispered to Bird that Hondo would be gone soon due to eating the meatballs poisonous to humans, so it would be fair for them. They wanted to pick the game, so they flip a rigged coin and win. When Zane found this out, Jordan grabbed him sniffed and found some hot chocolate, liqueur for the gods. Zane tried to say it's poison but Jordan knew it wasn't and he was a godborn. So he drank without giving any to Bird, but admitted that it wasn't that good, then he grabbed the coin and left. Unknown to him, the hot chocolate was spiked with Mr. Ortiz's spiciest pepper named La Muerte that Zane intended to give to Ah-Puch.

During the game, Jordan mentioned that the snakes around the rings weren't fed in days. The game goes off without a hitch until Brooks called sudden death and then Muwan and Ah-Puch arrive. Jordan got horrified after learning that Zane inadvertently led the god of death there. He suddenly goes numb due to La Muerte and passes out. Ah-Puch summons the Yant'o Triad to surround him and Bird before taking them away.

After the gods learn that Jordan and his brother lied about defeating Ah-Puch, they get punished as a result.

The Fire Keeper

Jordan and his brother were imprisoned in a cage of blood for months wanting revenge on Zane. They escape with the help of an unknown accomplice and track Zane to Isla Holbox by follo Jazz’s magic. They deduce that Zane is not the only godborn and track down and abduct ten others.

He appears to Zane Obispo after Gee demonstrates the godborns’ powers and tries to strangle him, however Jordan stops him from the time being. The two tell Zane how they tracked him down and Bird keeps him from saying to much. They become worried when Zane makes them think he knows their plan, but they laugh when Zane brings up Mexica ghosts and tell him he will join them in taking on the gods for the sake of Brooks and Hondo. They take Zane to the facility they have Brooks and Hondo in, whenever Zane touches the bars of his cage he sends toxic gas into Brooks and Hondo's cages. He and Bird then leave for Hurakan's execution.

He and Bird arrive at the execution wearing red robes and jaguar masks, he is the one to behead Hurakan. However Brooks snatches their masks and their mother covers them in mist while they turn into bat like creatures. However he and Bird flee at their mother's urging before the fighting can continue.

The Shadow Crosser

Their 1987 selves are given the Mayan Gods and imprisoned in Tlaltecuhtli, who was chained in an aquarium in their yacht. When the Mexica goddess is freed, he and Bird leave their party and arrive to find intruders, one of them being Zane, who they fight. The brothers electrocute the godborn and he throws his spear at Jordan, hitting him in the chest. However, Bird heals him and they chase after them in a boat, though moments later Adrik erases their memories of the encounter and they look at each other confused.

Back in the present, Ixkik' declares him Jordan of the Sobrenaturals and proclaims that he and Quinn have finally been wed. She and Bird stand at the roots of the Ceiba World Tree with Itzamna as Zane arrives. They watch as he and their mother discuss terms of surrender, resulting in the gods living in captivity and Zane's friends leaving and being escorted away by Quinn. When his wife is released he looks confused and relieved when Quinn agrees to return. When the godborns start to fight back, he and Bird turn into large bats and go off to fight. After Zane refuses to rewrite history a second time, he brings in the son of Hurakan's mother. Zane agrees after his brother arrives and he releases Zane's mother after he attacks them for trying take his mother's face. He lunges at Zane, but becomes trapped in shadows controlled by Ren Santiago. He breaks free just in time to be trapped in time rope with his mother, they are banished to the worst moments of their lives and trapped in a time loop. Due to his banishment, his marriage to Quinn is considered void.


Jordon is described as having massive muscles, a chiseled face, defiant eyes, and broad shoulders. He seemed about sixteen, was at least six foot five, and had biceps even bigger than of Hondo's. During the ball game, Jordan suited up in black jerseys and shorts.


Jordan is arrogant and easy to anger. They are both shown to be unsympathetic to others as they told a man they would make his daughter a successful musician if he gave them her beauty. However, despite their uncaring nature, the twins genuinely care for one another.


  • Mystiokinesis: Being the son of Ixkik', he has power create small worlds and illusions.
  • Shapeshifting: After allying themselves with Camazotz, he and his brother can transform into bat like creatures.
  • Electrokinesis: Jordan and his brother can generate electricity.


  • As the hero twins, he and Bird are said to give the Pandavas a run for their money.[2]
  • His original Mayan name, Xb'alamkej, means "Jaguar Sun."
  • In the original story, Jordan played a more dominant role in Xib'alb'a rather than the upperworld.
  • Jordan's name is a reference to the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan.
  • He is older then Bird by fifty-eight seconds.


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