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The Space Forces thought they could take my ship from me. That I would accept being stripped of my captaincy. But no tiger of the Juhwang clan would simply let them do it. So I decided to take a ship of my own.

–Hwan venting his rage and revenge plan to Sebin in Tiger Honor.

Juhwang Hwan ("hwahn") is a Tiger Spirit, a powerful guardian spirit and a former warrior in the Space Forces. He is the main antagonist of the Dragon Pearl and Tiger Honor.


Juhwang Hwan was born in into the Juhwang clan of tiger spirits on the planet Yonggi to their leader. When he was old enough he joined the Space Forces.

In 1483, when Hwan was about sixteen years old, he went on a secret mission with a female comrade named Myung. But she was killed by a burning blaster, she was to be made captain instead of him. By the time they fought the battle, peace had already been negotiated, they didn't hear about the treaty until afterward.[1]

After Jun joined the Space Forces, Hwan discovered he was a Fox Spirit and sent him and others on a mission to the Fourth Colony to retrieve the Dragon Pearl. He plans on using the pearl to destroy worlds in warfare.

Thousand Worlds series

Dragon Pearl

He enters the latrine where Sujin and Min, disguised as the recently deceased Bae Jang, are cleaning. He asks Jang if he is alright as Lieutenant Ju-Won has stated he is somewhat off. He informs him that the Space Forces are meant to both defend the Thousand Worlds from the Jeweled Worlds, and maintain order within the Thousand Worlds. He then talks about the rumors of the Dragon Pearl reappearing. He states that when the sole survivor of the Red Azalea awakes he will question him. When Jang asks him about Jun, he quickly says he is a traitor before leaving.

A day later he and Lieutenant Commander Ju-Eun inspect the Pale Lightning's damaged merit and suggest a ghost is on board. She suggests if it is a pirate ghost but he denies it. He suggests a prank by a cadet and she denies it. He has Ju-Eun leave and calls Jang out of the closet. He asks why he is there and Jang says he was curious about the meridian so he distracted a guard and hid in the closet. When Jang mentioned his nightmares after the attack, Hwan tell him of a time when his friend sacrificed herself when the were on a covert mission and did not hear of a peace treaty. He then dismisses Jang.

A day later the Pale Lightning comes out of a gate and is attacked by ten mercenary ships. He orders the crew to their stations and argues with the chief mechanic about their reasoning in the Ghost Sector. He orders the crew to try to take the mercenaries alive if they can. Seventeen hours later he announces the Pale Lightning's victory over the mercenaries and they have taken prisoners.

After Min frees the mercenaries he orders them to surrender but they deny him. Min then mimics his voice to confuse the crew. He beats them there and disables their ship with an electromagnetic pulse. He has Haneul and Sujin and threatens to execute them right there if they four don't surrender, they surrender. He asks for Min's name and she gives it. He orders the mercenaries to be put back in their cells and her Min to be placed in solitary confinement. He later visits the young fox and has her turn into her true form, she obeys. Kwan offers her a chance to save Jun if she can find the Dragon Pearl. Min declines and he leaves her, saying she will come around sooner or later.

He heads to the Fourth Colony with a small party. After Min retrieves the dragon pearl he points a blaster at her. He fires and hits Min’s shoulder and has his soldiers surround Haneul and Sujin. As the two are surrounded by the ghosts they show a vision of them driving the shaman who brought the drag pearl to their world mad to the point of suicide. He reveals that Sujin and Haneul were working for him since she let the mercenaries out, Jang then appears and berates his former commanding officer for leading him to his death. He tries to get the ghosts not to trust Min as she uses the dragon pearl to give them a proper burial. He lunges at her but stops when Eui mentions Myung and has him swear on her bones to put the ghosts to rest. When the four living finish, he is attacked by Lieutenant Seo-Hyeon and the others ghosts he sent to their deaths, minus Jun, and drag him into a nearby forest. He turns into his true form and tried to fight back to no avail.

Life as a Fugitive

Hwan survives the encounter, but due to his treachery he is branded a traitor and court marshaled, with an order of him to be arrested on sight. During this time he defeated Captain Uchida, leader of the Sun Clan, and she swore the clan's loyalty to him. Hwan eventually learned that both Min and his nibbling Sebin would be on the Haetae and he devises a plan, recruiting the Sun clan and a shaman to help him take control of the battle ship.

Tiger Honor

Hwan sneaks onboard the Haetae with a team of saboteurs consisting of forty outlaw mercenaries from the Sun clan and a shaman and her dog, and takes out the crew single handedly without killing them. As he is on the bridge, he is attacked by his nibling Sebin. Hwan tries to get them to join them, but Sebin refuses as a cadet fires a flashgun. He uses the opportunity to escape. He comes to Sebin as they are being held in a holding cell and and tells his nibbling about how Min snuck onto the Pale Lightning and stole the Dragon Pearl before it could be used for the glory of the Juhwang clan. Hwan tells them how he has taken control of the Haetae by using its own security system against the crew and how he plans to use Min to make the crew obey him. They accept their uncle's offer to join him as he frees the young tiger spirit. As Hwan leads Sebin to the cargo hold, he says he has an associate who can help him control Min. When the two arrive, he takes Sebin to his team.

At Hwan's orders, the barrels morph to reveal his team. Hwan introduces Sebin as Sena and her companion Shield as he finds Min and Yi on the fifth level on a live feed and takes Sebin, Sena, and Shield with him. After tracking the two down, Hwan tells Sebin to wait for his signal. Shield goes out first followed by Hwan and Sena with Sebin going out last. Min shouts for Yi to run as she sees Sebin and declares she knew they were working for Hwan the whole time. Min fires a blaster at him but Sebin blocks it and gets hit in the forehead. Soon Sheild starts to drain the magic of both Min and Jun and the siblings revert to their true forms as Sena threatens to send Jun to the afterlife if Min does not work with them. Min reminds him that he was the one who sent her brother to his death before pleading with Sena to let Jun stay in the land of the living. Sena starts the cleansing ritual and talks softly to Jun as he agrees with her and starts to fade. Min continues to plead as Sena stops, revealing it to be a warning and and threatens to send Jun away if she disobeys. Min reluctantly agrees and requests she be allowed to return to human form. Hwan reluctantly allows her as Shield requests two treats to do so. Sena gives him the treats and he lets Min take human form. Min leads them to the medical bay, where the captain is being treated, as Sebin watches Min. The doors fail to open when they arrive, resulting in him ripping them open. Blasters start to fire as Hwan has Min talk the crew down. They stop firing as he has Min introduce him as the Haetae's new captain. Hwan tells Sebin to find Yi just as four mercenaries enter the room. After finding Yi on the security feed, Sebin requests the cadets accompany them. He allows Jee and Euna to go but has Namkyu stay behind. After sending a mercenary named Six to join the group they set out.

After realizing Sebin betrayed him, he mocks the young tiger spirit by saying they will be a traitor to both the Space Forces and the Junwang clan over the intercom. He comes to the engine room with Sena, Min, and Shield in tow. After Sebin falls under Min's charm, she has them take Shield away from the fighting and he orders some mercenaries he brought with him to fire. After he realizes Min charmed Sena, he takes her away and disables the escape pods. He returns, wearing earplugs to block out Min's charm, with Uchida and five other mercenaries. After mocking Sebin with their family honor again, Jun creates an opening that Sebin takes as the Kim siblings escape. Sebin dodges the enemy fire in tiger form but quickly tires. They take human shape and gesture for Hwan to remove his earplugs. They plead with Hwan to not go through with his plan, to see the errors of his ways and reminds him they are family. As he thinks of Sebin's words, Uchida and the mercenaries open fire on Sebin before he turns into a tiger and takes out all six. Sebin then passes out. He carries them to the medical bay before turning himself in. When the Haetae lands for repairs, he is brought before a tribunal and chained to the floor. He acknowledges Sebin when they enter and is questioned as Sebin leaves the room.


In his human form, Hwan his a tall, muscular man with a beard and amber eyes. His teeth were unnaturally perfect and white, but don’t look sharp at all. He has a scar on his right hand symbolizing his loyalty to his clan.

After being branded a traitor to the Thousand Worlds and going on the run , he shaves his beard and wears a gray shirt and pants.

His true form is an immense white tiger.


Hwan is devoted to war, wishing to drag on any battle as long as possible. He is also serious, as he takes finding the Dragon Pearl as his top priority. He is willing to resort to threats to get his way, such as threatening to have Sujin and Haneul killed on the spot if Min and the mercenaries did not surrender.

After being assault by the ghosts of his subordinates, he becomes fixated on enacting revenge on Min. He is willing to takeover a ship in order to accomplish this goal.

However he is a loyal friend, remembering Myung and swearing on her bones, a serious oath. After realizing he must kill Sebin to take total control of the Haetae, he feel remorse and turns himself in.


  • Predator Instincts: He has extremely keen instincts and heightened senses. It helps him detect emotions, lies and weaknesses in others.
    • Emotion Detection: With his predator instincts, he can tell what emotions people are feeling. He is especially adept at smelling fear.
    • Lie Detection: With his high instincts, he is capable of sensing when people are lying to him. For this reason, Min avoiding making direct lies to him.
  • Magic Detection: He appears capable of sensing magic to a degree, causing Min to not use Charm on him, stating that he would be able to sense it.
  • Superhuman Strength: As a Tiger Spirit, Hwan is extremely powerful in terms of strength.
  • Shapeshifting: As a Tiger Spirit, Hwan can change form between a human and an enormous white tiger.


  • When first introducing him, Rick Riordan mistakenly referred to the captain as Kwan instead of Hwan.[2]
  • He keeps his logbooks as traditional paper notebooks rather than on technopads.


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