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Remember your oath, you will go out among the stars, meet comrades great and small, and learn the ways of a warrior. But above all things, the compass that guides you must be the way of the clan.

–The matriarch to Sebin on where their true loyalties lie in Tiger Honor.

The Unnamed Matriarch of the Junwang Clan is a Tiger Spirit and the head of the Juhwang Clan.

Thousand Worlds series

Tiger Honor

After learning of Hwan's treason against the Thousand Worlds, she calls a meeting and contact a clan member, Juhwang Hasun, who surveys the Thousand Worlds as a rear admiral, to learn the it is indeed true. When she learns that Juhwang Sebin was accepted in the Space Forces as a cadet, she makes them swear to clear and uphold the name of the clan.


The matriarch is an elderly tiger spirit with long white hair with a black streak and amber eyes. She wears a faded orange hanbok.


The matriarch is strict and believes every Juhwang is loyal primarily to the clan. This is displayed when she calls Hasun during their sleep, she expected them to pick up, which they did.

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