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Caligula, owner of the yachts

The Julia Drusilla Yachts was a fleet of fifty enormous super-yachts owned by emperor Caligula of Triumvirate Holdings. The yachts carried an assortment of monsters from Pandai to Cyclopes. The guards on each yacht were Pandai and Strixes flew above about an hour after sundown. The fleet was destroyed by sabotage during the Battle of San Francisco Bay.


Each yacht was gleaming white with tinted black windows and five decks. Purple and gold running lights glowed just below the ocean's surface so the vessel seemed to float on an ethereal cloud of Imperial Roman power. Painted along the prow in huge black letters is JULIA DRUSILLA, Caligula's favorite sister, and whatever number the yacht is in roman numerals. Each one can hold two helicopters and a submarine, they also had small patrol boats and searchlights, each was worth half a billion dollars.


Julia Drusilla III

A Pandos named Overdrive is on this boat.

Julia Drusilla XII

This is Caligula's throne boat where a Pandos named Reverb is. Across the deck was a set of double golden doors and carried us down a ramp into the ship’s interior, which contained a single massive room. Entering this space was like plunging down the throat of a sea monster. The walls were fifty-foot-high without windows and they screamed with garishly painted frescoes of battles, volcanoes, storms, wild parties – all images of power gone amok, boundaries erased, nature overturned. The tiled floor was a similar study in chaos – intricate, nightmarish mosaics of the gods being devoured by various monsters. Far above, the ceiling was painted black, and dangling from it were golden candelabras, skeletons in cages and bare swords that hung by the thinnest of cords and looked ready to impale anyone below.

Julia Drusilla XIV

Boston ivy had engulfed this entire yacht, including most of the crew who were stitched to the walls by a thick web of crawlers. A cadre of horticulturists from boat sixteen were trying to free their comrades using clippers and weed-whackers.

Julia Drusilla XVI

This boat contains botanical gardens with horticulturists.

Julia Drusilla XVIII

This boat was converted into a triage center. Wounded were sprawled everywhere, groaning from bashed heads, broken limbs, bleeding noses and bruised groins. Many of their injuries were at knee level or below, Meg McCaffrey liked to kick there. A flock of Strixes wheeled overhead, screeching hungrily.

Julia Drusilla XX

Jason repeatedly struck this boat with lightning. Its superstructure was a charred, smoking ruin, the blackened upper decks spackled with fire-extinguisher foam.

Julia Drusilla XXV

Meg McCaffrey notices this boat while on the XXVI a few feet across. Amax mentions that Vector on this boat is always spying on others and taking credit for their ideas.

Julia Drusilla XXVI

This is the boat Apollo and his companions first board. The heroes are ambushed by Pandai (Amax, Timbre, Crest, and Peak) here. The aft deck featured six hot tubs, a multicolored fountain and a flashing gold and purple dance floor. Affixed to the stern, a red-carpeted ramp jutted across the water, connecting the boat to the prow of the next yacht. Far above, the conning tower sprouted radar dishes, satellite antennae and two billowing pennants: one with the imperial eagle of Rome and one with a golden triangle on a field of purple, the logo for Triumvirate Holdings. Through some heavy oak doors is a room with solid-gold fixtures, luxurious Persian carpets, works of art worth millions of dollars (including one that belonged to Tristan McLean), and plush purple furniture that looked like it was from Prince’s estate sale. Along the front of a forward lounge, there wrapped a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree glass wall overlooking the prow.

Julia Drusilla XXVIII

This boat was a floating water park, with multilevel swimming pools connected by waterfalls, slides and transparent tubes. There, a lonely lifeguard offered Apollo and Piper a towel.

Julia Drusilla XXIX

This boat was a full-service spa, steam poured from every open porthole. On the aft deck, there was an army of bored-looking masseuses and cosmeticians, just in case Caligula decided to drop by with friends for a shiatsu and mani-pedi party.

Julia Drusilla XXX

This entire ship seemed designed to provide an all-you-can-eat twenty-four-hour buffet. Chefs stood by, waiters waited, and new dishes were brought out while old ones were removed.

Julia Drusilla XXXI

This boat contained a volleyball court. Cyclopes were playing while groups of off-duty mercenaries lounged while talking, eating, and checking their phones. Others were barbecuing steaks on a grill, laughing, sharpening knives and comparing tattoos.

Julia Drusilla XL

This yacht was dedicated to Caligula’s wardrobe. Each room was filled with clothes – suits, togas, armor, dresses and a variety of costumes from pirate to Apollo to panda bear.

Julia Drusilla XLI

This boat is a lingerie department.

Julia Drusilla XLII

This is just a regular super-yacht.

Julia Drusilla XLIII

This yacht holds all of the kinds of shoes the emperor had, including adult-sized versions of his original caligae. Wah-Wah guards this boat with his fellow pandai. Deck two, port side, third door was the size of a goodly apartment, with windows that overlooked the sea so the emperor's prize shoes could have a nice view. In the middle of the room, a comfortable pair of couches faced a coffee table with a collection of exotic bottled waters. The shoe pairs on each pedestal include a pair of Hephaestus' battle boots, a pair of winged sandals in a clear acrylic box, platform boots studded with diamonds, smart shoes made from the skin of the Dodo bird, a pair of Adidas signed by all the players of the 1987 LA Lakers, a pair of slippers woven by Hypnos to give pleasant dreams and deep sleep, a pair of dancing shoes fashioned by Terpsichore, the Muse of dance, and a pair of Poseidon's old loafers. But the adult sized versions of Caligula's original Legionnaire's sandals were merely tossed in the corner of the room.

The Trials of Apollo

The Burning Maze

Stearns Wharf, where the yachts occasionally stop.

Apollo, Meg McCaffrey, Piper McLean and Jason Grace sneak aboard the ships when they arrived at Santa Barbara to try and find the shoes of Caligula and kill the emperor. The group manages to obtain the sandals, but fail to take out the emperor who kills the son of Jupiter.

The Tyrant's Tomb

The fleet sails to the San Francisco Bay to begin the second wave of the assault. Each ship is fitted with a canon that can fire a large amount of Greek Fire.

After Caligula and Commodus are killed, the fleet fires on the camp. However something goes wrong, later revealed to be the work of Lavinia Asimov and a group of nature spirits, and they land back on the ships, destroying the entire fleet.


  • The Julia Drusilla Yachts are based on an experience Caligula had when becoming emperor. When he was a boy, a Roman astrologer prophesied that Calugula had "no more chance of becoming emperor than of riding a horse across the Gulf of Baiae", meaning it was impossible. But when Caligula became emperor after the death of his predecessor, Tiberius, he had large ships built to make a three-mile pontoon bridge which he rode Incitatus across on. Apollo even says that Santa Barbara looks similar to Baiae.
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