Julia Feingold is a Greek demigod daughter of Hermes.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

She and Alice Miyazawa have taken up the position of camp pranksters when Travis Stoll left for college. They are first mentioned when Chiron goes to his wheelchair and they made his fake legs female legs. She and Alice are paired together for the Three-Legged Death Race.


  • Cunning: Julia is uncommonly cunning.
  • Enhanced Theft Abilities: Julia is able to supernaturally steal things without people noticing, even other demigods.
  • Clauditiskinesis:Julia can magically sense the internal structure and mechanisms of any lock she touches, and is able to make it unlock, even telekinetically. This does not work on cursed locks, though.
    • Lock Intuition: Julia can also identify curses and traps placed on locks. If she concentrates hard enough, she can deactivate them.
  • Money manipulation: Since Hermes is the god of merchants, Julia is presumably quite good with money.


  • She and Alice are the first daughters of Hermes to appear in the franchise.
  • She is the second known demigod or legacy of Jewish decent in the series, the first being her half- brother Cecil Markowitz.
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