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Julian is a student of Sadie and Carter, he came from Boston. Julian follows the path of Horus, and is able to unlock the combat avatar.  

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Julian is in the training room taking Magic Problem-Solving 101 with Walt, Felix, and Alyssa, and destroys his enemy shabti with the fist of Horus, and is mentioned by Carter that he is unable to summon a complete combat warrior. He first summons a combat avatar in the battle against Vlad Menshikov's attack force at the Brooklyn House. During the battle, he is seen battling with a green Horus combat-avatar.

The Serpent's Shadow

After Carter, Sadie, WaltAlyssa, and Felix return from the Fifty-first Nome, he asks what happened. When Shelby walks up to him with her drawing of Apophis, he asks her to draw him another one. During the battle he was seen sword-fighting with an enemy magician and after the battle he is seen flirting with the girls from the Scandinavian Nome. He summons a combat avatar during the battle with Apophis.


Julian tends to be a little more violent and combat-ready than his classmates.


Julian is described as being a very big 7th grader with big feet.


Julian is a combat magician who follows the Path of Horus. He is able to encase his fist in golden energy by channeling Horus's power and is able summon a green combat avatar. He may share the powers Carter gained from the Path of Horus. Like many combat magicians, he has some skill with a sword

Magical Items

Khopesh: Julian carries two khopesh. He uses them in The Throne of Fire and The Serpent's Shadow'. This is Julian's offensive weapon.


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