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I am both Osiris and Julius Kane. I am alive and dead, though the term recycled might be closer to the truth.

–Julius to Carter and Sadie Kane, in The Red Pyramid.

Julius Kane is the older brother of Amos Kane and the current host of Osiris. Born to the ancient Kane family, he married Ruby Kane from the similar Faust lineage. Julius became the father of Carter and Sadie following their marriage.


Early Life

Dr. Julius Kane was a famous Egyptologist who specialized in the translation of ancient spells. However, this was actually a front for his true role as a magician of the Per Ankh or "House of Life". He met his fellow magician and future wife, Ruby, at a dig site in the Valley of the Kings.

Married Life and Sealing in Apophis

After their marriage, they settled down in Los Angeles and had two children, a son they named Carter and a daughter they named Sadie.

A few years later, Ruby had a vision of Ma'at failing and chaos rising. To prepare for such a future, both she and Julius set forth to reunite the exiled god and the House. Their first act was releasing Bast, who had been tasked by Ra to battle his nemesis, Apophis, for eternity, from Cleopatra's Needle in London. They were successful but Ruby was forced to sacrifice her life to prevent the serpent from escaping as well.

Losing Sadie and Life in Exile

A devastated Julius was blamed by Ruby's parents for the incident. A court battle was waged for the custody of the children and although Julius would have kept both of them, The House of Life intervened and a compromise had to be made. While Carter was allowed to stay with his father, Sadie was taken by her grandparents to London.

Exiled from the Per Ankh, Julius began to research summoning the gods. He and Carter traveled the world for this reason and to avoid the shadowing of his former compatriots from the House. For the next six years, his singular goal was the completion of the mission he had started with Ruby: the restoration of Ma'at as a whole.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Six years after the death of his wife, Julius comes to London to visit his daughter on Christmas Eve. While on his way to pick up his daughter, Julius runs into Amos who attempts to dissuade him from unleashing the gods again and reminding him that the House of Life is watching him. Julius ignores his warnings and takes his children to the British Museum. There, Julius successfully summons Osiris but also releases Osiris' family and siblings. The Underworld god along with Horus, Isis, Set and Nephthys quickly take Julius, Carter, Sadie, and a nearby Amos and Zia respectively as their hosts.

Julius/Osiris is then taken captive by Set who plans to harness his power to transform North America into his new kingdom. They are held inside a sarcophagus within Set's pyramid until Carter/Horus and Sadie/Isis arrive to attempt to save them. Although the children and their divine partners manage to defeat the desert god and free Amos, Julius does not survive. A few weeks after the battle, Anubis escorts Carter and Sadie to the Land of the Dead where they have a happy reunion with their father, who has entirely become one with Osiris, and their mother. Julius explains he had planned to sacrifice himself so that Osiris could returned to his throne and Ma'at could take the first step towards restoration.

He then gives them a djed, the symbol of Osiris. Before they leave, Julius gives parting words to his children. He also asks that they pass along some advice to a traumatized Amos.

The Throne of Fire

During their trip through the Duat on a quest to reawaken the sun god Ra, Carter and Sadie visit the Seventh House of the Night known as the Aaru where Osiris and thus Julius resides. They arrive despondent as they have failed to reach the gates of the Eighth House before the eighth hour of the night which means they are now closed, but Julius and Ruby comfort them and invite them to dinner where they have a birthday cake for Sadie. Despite Ruby's reservations, Julius summons Khonsu the moon god to the dinner as he knows Khonsu can give them the time they need despite it being dangerous. In order to get the time they need, Carter and Sadie have to play senet with Khonsu, bargaining their rens against the time they need. While Ruby disapproves and Julius encourages this, the decision is left to them. Carter and Sadie decide to do it, with Carter citing Julius' own actions as part of the reason he decides to do it. Julius and Ruby leave, unable to take part or watch, but thanks to Julius summoning Khonsu, Carter and Sadie are able to continue their journey at the cost of Bes' ren.

The Serpent's Shadow

Ruby disappears, kidnapped by Apophis' sheut and Julius searches for her desperately with no luck, unaware of what really caused her disappearance. As the host of Osiris, Julius also begins cracking down on rebellious ghosts, including the evil magician Setne to help restore Order to the Underworld and to do something useful when the woman he loves has disappeared.

After coming up with a plan to destroy Apophis with a shadow execration, Carter, Sadie, Zia Rashid and Walt Stone travel to the Underworld to plead with Julius to release Setne into their custody so he can lead them to the Book of Thoth and help them learn how to capture and destroy Apophis' sheut which is the key to destroying Apophis. While Julius is happy to see his children, he is furious to learn that many magicians have deserted Amos and that Anubis and Thoth have told them about the forbidden topic of the true nature of sheuts. However, when Carter and Sadie reveal that their back-up plan is a normal execration that likely won't work and will kill them, Julius agrees to support them though he doesn't personally know how to the needed magic. At that point, Setne's trial begins and as Julius is about to sentence Setne to destruction, Setne reveals that Carter and Sadie need him to stop Apophis. Julius is furious and refuses to believe Setne, but ultimately agrees to hear him out as long as he's holding the Feather of Truth to prove he's telling the truth. Setne confirms that he has created a shadow execration and can lead Carter and Sadie to the Book and Apophis' sheut, but Julius is wary of trusting him, worried that he will betray and kill Carter and Sadie even though he swears not to holding the Feather. With no other choice and this being the only way to potentially save the world and his wife, Julius reluctantly agrees and turns Setne over to Carter's custody.

After Carter and Sadie destroy Apophis, they visit Julius/Osiris' hall where everyone is celebrating and Julius has brought back some of Osiris' old judgement gods from the House of Rest. Carter apologizes for losing Setne, but to his surprise, Julius is not mad, saying he expected Setne to escape again and was hoping that Setne would stay with them long enough to help them get the sheut which he did. As a result of Apophis' destruction, Ra decrees that the gods must leave the Earth for a time which means that Carter and Sadie won't be able to see their parents as much anymore.


Although Julius can be harsh and single-minded, he is also loving and often uses his strict manner to ensure his loved ones' safety. He exudes confidence, but has another, nervous side to him that Carter likens to a hunted man. He can be somewhat overbearing and may make demands of people that they cannot meet, which is best illustrated by his relationship with his son. He has a tendency to hold his work bag close to himself when nervous and is known to be a terrible liar, but no amount of pestering him will get the truth.


Julius is of African descent and has brown skin and piercing brown eyes. He sports a goatee, keeps a shaved head, and dresses impeccably. Carter describes him as looking like a buff evil scientist. Sadie describes him as handsome and buff. He is said to resemble the pharaoh Narmer, who united Upper and Lower Egypt.


Julius, as a descendant of one of the most ancient magician families, is very skilled with magic. It is unknown where his original specialty lied in, but he was able to release a total of five gods with a single Divine Word and has a vast knowledge of Ancient Egypt, it's mythology, and its gods. He mentioned that Amos could never defeat him in a duel so it is likely that he would have become Chief Lector after Desjardins died had he not become a host for Osiris. However, since Julius and Amos had not seen each other in a long time, it is also possible that Amos had gotten better since then. Julius is also an Animal Charmer as he was able to transform his staff into a giant snake. However, since he had not become the Eye of Osiris, Set was able to easily subdue him. After merging completely with Osiris, Julius' specialty in magic is necromancy and Death Magic.


Sadie Kane: Julius dearly loves his daughter and greatly values the two visitation days he is given per year. He fought very hard to keep her in his custody before the Per Ankh intervened. After the case was closed, he asked Bast to protect her by masquerading as her pet cat, Muffin.

Carter Kane: Like Sadie, Julius deeply loves his son his but has been more strict with him as well. Needing to keep Carter safe, Julius demanded obedience and taught him the ways of the world, warning him of the prejudice he may experience simply for being of African descent. Carter would often try to please his father by sharing the same interests, hoping to earn his approval.

Amos Kane: Although details are scarce, Julius has a good relationship with his brother. They clearly care for each other as Amos attempted to talk his elder brother out of summoning Osiris for fear of his life and Julius passed along kind wisdom to his younger brother after his possession by Set. Like most brothers, they were said to argue frequently.

Ruby Kane: Julius loved his wife very much. Her death had greatly hurt him and also plagued him with guilt. After becoming Osiris' host in the Underworld, Julius brought Ruby's spirit to his court which seems to have given a great deal of joy and peace to him.

Osiris Julius became then the eye of Osiris the god of underworld. He was known as Julius Kane and Osiris, in other words, he was RECYCLED. Julius is now ruling the underworld as Osiris with blue complexion like a smurf, as Sadie says. 



  • Interestingly, even though Julius is an Egyptian magician, his name is Latin, and he shares it with Julius Caesar, a great Roman Dictator. In fact, in The Red Pyramid, Julius mentions that he is stronger now that he is dead. This might be a reference to the saying "Caesar dead is more powerful than Caesar alive". 
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