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You don't become a god automatically, with the snap of a finger, or because of your bloodline. Godhood has to be earned. Fought for.

–K'ukumatz describing how to obtain godhood to Zane in The Storm Runner.

K'ukumatz (pronounced: "koo-koo-MATS"), also known as Kukuulkaan ("koo-kool-KAHN") or Mat as he prefers, is one of the two Mayan creator gods, the other being Hurakan. He is also the god of the sea and "coolness".


K'ukumatz shared his valuable knowledge with humans many years ago before eventually returning to the sea promising to return.[1] As Kukuulkaan, he is known as the Feathered Serpent. According to legend, he slithers down the steps of the great pyramid, El Castillo, at Chichen Itza in Yucatán, Mexico, on the spring and autumn equinoxes; festivals are held in his honor there to this day.[2]

One particular festival dedicated to Kukuulkaan was Chicc-kaban, in the month of Xul of the Haab' Mayan calendar. It was marked by processions to primary community temples, accompanied by troupes of comedians. Offerings were made at the temple and much incense was burned. The comedians continued to visit neighborhoods throughout the month, performing and bringing offerings back to the temple. At the end of Xul, Kukuulkaan was said to descend from the heavens and collect the offerings.[3]

After Pacific was erased from memory due to issuing the Prophecy of Fire, Hurakan brought her to K'ukumatz to hide in the ocean.[4] He and Hurakan, who created humanity together, also created four portals to Xib'alb'a, one for each hemisphere.[5]

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

K'ukumatz appears to Zane Obispo and asks him to call him Mat, humans often shorten honorable names, he hates the name Kukuulkaan. Anyway, Mat was sent to him by Hurakan and knows everything, he sees the situation where Ah-Puch was release a mess, he told Hurakan not to get mixed up with a human but he never listens. He always had the worst time, Mat was previously at a Bolts football game, rigging them into winning. To give them privacy, Mat creates a silent firework in the sky.

Mat is expediting Old World by creating some high currents and winds, but any storms will draw attention. Pacific then arrives saying that Mat isn't always nice, he destroyed two worlds but he says they totally deserved that. She uses the time rope to shave just a few hours, any more will draw attention. Mat and Pacific tell Zane that the gods are choosing sides getting ready for war, trust has already been shattered and no god wants to admit to breaking the Sacred Oath, they don't forgive. Zane has to defeat Ah-Puch or they will, regarding his release Mat tells Zane that godhood is earned, not born with, and Zane can reach his full potential in the Old World, they're doing a favor for Hurakan. He was surprised that Zane met the Yant'o Triad, but says Ah-Puch's tracking device on his wrist was uninventive. When his time with Zane was done, a curtain of fog rose from the ocean which Mat and Pacific floated into.

During the battle against Ah-Puch, Mat arrives at the Old World with Hurakan, Nakon, Ixkakaw, and Alom, Zane recognizes the others as Mayan Gods since they were with Mat. When Hurakan claims Zane, he reluctantly chains him friend and sentences him to death. Zane knew his heart wasn't in the right place, he thought Mat wouldn't stand up to the other gods in order to protect Pacific. However, the council decided to lock Hurakan up in a small prison instead, they might need his power later. After Zane was successful in defeating Ah-Puch, Ixtab made him write the story of how he did it using Itzam-yée's truth paper and the war was averted. Zane worried about Mat's safety as the story revealed to the other Mayan Gods what he did.

The Fire Keeper

Ixtab revealed that she tore out certain pages of Zane's book about Kukuulkaan because she needed his vote on the council.

He is present at Hurakan's execution along with other major gods. After the twins escape and the gods catch Zane and Brooks, he explains how he helped the son of Hurakan evade the gods. In Xib'alb'a, Zane explains everything he learned and the gods pardon him, Pacific, and any god who broke the oath and their children. They chose to reopen the Shaman Institute of Higher-Order Magic to train the godborns and have them be claimed.

The Shadow Crosser

K'ukumatz only appeared as a statue within the Crystal Caves.


K'ukumatz appears as a man in jeans and a gray t-shirt. He wore a Chargers hat that conceals his long dark curly hair and shimmering violet eyes. His arms were covered in tattoos of snakes slithering through piles of red and blue feathers. His voice was deep with a faint accent like a cross between Spanish and something that was sharper and harder. Mat was a head taller than Zane Obispo, his chin was sharp and his skin was weathered. When in the Old World, he wears a navy blue suit and a white dress shirt.


  • Creation: As a creator god, he can create entire worlds.
  • Hydrokinesis: As the god of the Sea, he has absolute control and divine authority over water.
  • Frigiokinesis: As the god of Coolness, he has absolute control and divine authority over cold.



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