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Photo of Julius, Ruby, Carter and Sadie Kane

The Kane family is an ancient Egyptian magician line descended from the blood of the pharaohs, specifically the first pharaoh, Narmer, whom Julius Kane resembles. The most recent generation, which consists of Carter and Sadie Kane are also descended from the Faust family, another ancient magician bloodline with blood of the pharaohs coming from King Ramesses II.

The Kane family has a number of magical objects associated with them including the Brooklyn House, a five-story house on top of a warehouse that overlooks the East River in New York, and the Egyptian Queen, a magical boat that the Kane family may summon once a year.





  • Despite Carter's statements in the first book of The Kane Chronicles, it is most likely that the last name Kane was written ๐“Žก๐“‚๐“ˆ–, and not ๐“Žก๐“ˆ–, because the latter would be read "Kene", since the only vowel not written by the Egyptians was the E. ๐“Žก๐“‚๐“ˆ– would be a more accurate transliteration, since the hieroglyph ๐“‚ was used as a phoneme very similar to A.
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