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Kara is a teenage girl in Pandava Quintet. She is the daughter of the Sleeper and reincarnation of Karna


Kara was born when Krithika was a young woman. She was given to a timekeeper and frozen in time. After Aru Shah released the Sleeper from the Diya of Bharata, He took care of Kara for two years but erased the memories of her past.[1]

Pandava Quintet

Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes

Kara first appeared greeting a captured Aru Shah, in which she introduces herself as the Sleeper's daughter.

Aru Shah and the City of Gold

Kara introduces herself and gets to know Aru more. After Aru reveals that she wants to escape, Kara persuades Aru to bring her with her to her friends, as she is "the secret weapon" that her father had been talking about. Kara wants to have a real family, and she's hurt when Brynne snaps at her. Near the end of City of Gold, Kara betrays Aru by taking the astra and destroying the museum before destroying Vajra and the rest of the astras.


Aiden first met Kara when Aru brought her, unconscious, to him and all the Pandavas. When Kara woke up, Aiden was very kind to her. He smiled at her book, and she flushed. This is a possible moment. Another possible moment they shared was another time when Kara was unconscious. A strand of Kara's hair blew into her face, and Aiden pushed it off her forehead. Aru became slightly jealous at this, and she said it would have meant something if Aiden had touched Aru's hair, and she started wondering if that meant Aiden liked Kara.

Later in City of Gold, Kara admits her feelings to Aiden that she likes him, and Aiden said he didn't think of her like that, and that Kara was more of Aiden's close friend than love interest. So that moment has sunk the ship, and later, Aiden kissed Aru, which makes it clear Aiden likes Aru, not Kara.

When Rudy comes into City of Gold while Kara is unconscious, he calls her the "cute unconscious girl," and asks if Kara is single. Rudy later calls her a chick, which he thinks means 'Cute or Handsome being of Indeterminate origin who might Consider Killing you." This shows that he likes Kara.

However, it is undetermined whether or not Kara returns these feelings for him, as she has not shown any signs.

Abilities and Tools

  • Opening Portals: She can open teleportation portals using Sunny, her astra.

Magical Items

  • Sunny: Her enchanted weapon was a glowing, shape-shifting Trident that looks supremely powerful. When she was a born, a drop of sunlight touched her hand and she transformed it into a trident, which she nicknamed 'Sunny'. This became her main weapon.


Kara is a teenage girl with a wide mouth, large catlike honey-brown eyes, straight chocolatey-brown hair that fell to her shoulders, She has high cheekbones and dark glowing skin.


  • In Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes, Kara is said to have black hair. But in Aru Shah and the City of Gold, her hair is chocolatey-brown.
  • The Pandava brothers are famously known to be five which are Yudhistira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva. Though Karna is known as secret Pandava and just like the other reincarnations - Yamini, Brynne, Aru, Nikita, and Sheela - Kara's name also starts with K. It was a theory that she could've been Krishna, it was more popular for her to be the reincarnation of Karna.
  • She loves to read; she carries a book full of Emily Dickinson poems that she reads to make herself feel more 'alive'. She also spews out facts about words and animals throughout City of Gold.


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