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Call this a fighting stance? Where did you learn swordsmanship, a circus?

–Kasusu to Sikander after the boy first wields him in City of the Plague God.

Kasusu is the very first sword ever created. He is also able to talk.


Kasusu was created thousands of years ago. It has taken the form of many swords through history such as Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur.

At one point it came into the possession of Ishtar and and they took part in many battles together, such as fighting the Nazis in World War II.

City of the Plague God

When Nergal, Sidana, and Idiptu broke into Mo's to steal the flower of immortality, Belet Amari arrives with Kasusu to stop them. Later when Sikander Aziz is at Ishtar's House, he finds the sword in a room and tells him to put it down when he picks it up.

The following day he tells Sik stories about his time with Gilgamesh, including one where he rejects Ishtar. He tells Sik to fight Sargon and laughs when the cat easily defeats him. Later as Sik is being moved into Belet's room, he criticizes them for calling nonviolent problems problems. Later Belet carries to to fight Nergal, but she reluctantly hands it over to Ishtar. When Belet is in danger, it is thrown to Belet and the goddess is impaled by Nergal. Three days later it gives Belet a pep talk and tells them they need a plan. After it is taken to Central Park, it is happy to see Gilgamesh again, but is shocked to learn he is now a pacifist.

After Sik returns from Kurnugi with the Flower of Immortality, he readies to take out the demons and poxies who surround Gilgamesh's Glass Ziggurat.

Later as they are delivering a potential cure for the plague, he is wielded by Belet as she holds of Nergal's forces to give Sik time to reach the hospital and nearly delilvers the finishing blow to Nergal, but the god evaporates before he can do so.


Kasusu loves to fight and is critical of anyone he does not feel fits the mold of a warrior.


  • Adaptability: Kasusu is able to adapt to its current wielder as all other swords are modeled after it.
  • Vocal Communication: Kasusu is able to talk.


  • Kasusu speaks with a militaristic tone.
  • Kasusu is the second talking sword seen, first in the imprint, the first before Sumarbrander.
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