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Khepri, the Son of Naunet, is the God of the Morning Sun, and is one of the three aspects of Ra.


He is portrayed as a man with a scarab for his head. Ra sacrificed this aspect of himself to bind Apophis; turning him into millions of beetles. However, doing so destroyed Ra's ability to be reborn and he ultimately became a senile old man. His symbols are a Scarab beetle and the blue lotus. He is the first aspect of Ra. He is often thought of as the rising sun being Ra's aspect at sunrise. That is why he only is seen near the end of the journey through the Duat.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

In order for Ra to be restored, he must have Khepri, who he had used to bind Apophis millennia ago. When the Kanes find the prison of Apophis, all that is left is thousands of beetle carcasses and one beetle that is alive. This beetle is binding Apophis, but is also needed for Ra to be reborn, so Apophis' demons, and the Kanes are trying to find it. When they finally find the beetle, they give it to Ra, who promptly, eats the scarab beetle. When they exit the Duat and go to help Brooklyn House fight off the attacking magicians, Ra takes the beetle out of his mouth and gives it to Zia, who later turns it into a necklace.

The Serpent's Shadow

The scarab protects them from the power of Chaos in the Land of Demons and allows Zia to channel Ra's power. Later, when Ra merges with Zia while she is wearing this beetle, he is finally reborn.



Usually in old Egyptian art Khepri is depicted as a scarab beetle. Sometimes though, he is depicted as a man with a beetle head. But in the Kane Chronicles, Khepri is merely a golden beetle.


  • Khepri is said to push the sun, similar to how a beetle pushes a ball of dung.
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