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Carter's khopesh

A khopesh is a type of sword that was used by ancient Egyptians. They were curved and usually were up to two feet long. The khopesh was designed specifically to disarm an enemy by hooking the weapon. It is mentioned that it was a favoured weapon of protectors of the pharaoh.

It is the Egyptian name of the Canaanite "sickle-sword", in Assyrian known as Sappara. Its origins can be traced back to Sumer of the third millennium B.C.E.

Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Carter Kane utilizes a khopesh, which he grabs off the wall of Brooklyn House to defend himself when two serpopards appear. He continues to use it until he loses it at Luxor. While battling the Set animal, Carter reaches through the Duat to summon his khopesh. Only a little while after he realizes that he is hosting Horus, Horus tells him a better way to hold the khopesh.  Carter tries it and it works. He uses it throughout the rest of the book, battling Set with it and killing several demons with it. In the end, he kills Face of Horror by accurately throwing the sword from a distance at him as he's about to kill Sadie.  

The Throne of Fire

Carter lost his khopesh in the Winter Palace when he and Sadie were sneaking in to get the Book of Ra. Carter did not have it for his and Sadie's fight with the tjesu heru. Horus is mentioned to have this weapon too.

The Serpent's Shadow

Carter initially uses his khopesh against a monster hippo sent by Apophis, but after stabbing the hippo in the ear with it, he loses the sword and believes it to have fallen to the bottom of the Nile River and for some reason is unable to summon it from the Duat. While wishing for another weapon, Carter later receives a feather. Trying again, the crook and flail appear from Ra, the weapons of a pharaoh, and uses them instead.


The khopesh seems to be magically enhanced in hardness as in the books the blade has displayed unnatural hardness. It can be used in casting spells, such as when Carter uses his khopesh to cast the ha-tep spell on Freak. Also if stabbed in the ground the user can create a shielding spell in the form of a blue barrier of light.


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