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Khufu is the Kane family's baboon.


There are no details about Khufu's early life, but he has apparently lived with Amos Kane and Philip of Macedonia in the Twenty-First Nome for some time.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Khufu meets and befriends Sadie and Carter Kane when Amos brings them to Brooklyn House. He bonds with Carter via their mutual love for the Lakers and Sadie finds him cute. When Amos leaves to investigate Set's whereabouts, the Kane siblings immediately attempt to go into Amos's off-limits library. Khufu initially attempts to stop them, but Sadie persuades him to let them enter by bribing him with Cheerios. When the serpopards attack Amos's home, Khufu panics but attempts to protect the siblings until Bast is able to intervene. Khufu is thrown off the side of the building and is not seen again for some time.

His basketball

The siblings reunite with Khufu in Memphis, Tennessee while searching for Thoth. Khufu demands that Carter play a game of basketball with him, but is humiliated when he discovers that Carter does not have any skill with a basketball; he holds this against Carter for some time. After the game, he leads them to Thoth and later accompanies them to the Land of the Dead; the presence of a baboon in their group convinces Anubis to spare the siblings and listen to their request for the feather of truth. Khufu continues on with the group when they attempt to contact Nephthys at the Rio Grande; when Sobek and his minions attack the group, he drags an unconscious Sadie away from the battle. When Bast sacrifices herself to protect the siblings, Khufu departs from the group to bring Bast's host, Muffin, back to Brooklyn.

After Set's defeat, he greets Amos and the siblings at Amos's home and helps them rebuild Brooklyn House

The Throne of Fire

He goes with Sadie, Carter, Jaz and Walt to the Brooklyn Museum to retrieve the first part of the Book of Ra. He is later seen battling one of Vladimir Menshikov's magicians.

The Serpent's Shadow

Khufu accompanies the Kanes and their initiates from Brooklyn House on their visit to the Fifty-First Nome in Dallas, Texas. It seems that Khufu is reading a book about Egyptian mythology... which would have been really impressive, but he, unfortunately, was reading it upside down. He was able to grab a shadow box and was able to bring it out safely.

He is shown to have a liking to Cleo, because of her name ending with "O". He also has a tire swing in Carter's room, which Sadie put in as a joke, but it actually was Khufu's favorite being shaped like an O.


Khufu has a number of quirks and likes basketball. He will only eat food that ends in -o, such as Oreos, Doritos, and Cheerios. In The Throne of Fire, he discovered Jell-O. He then ate anything covered in Jell-O. He even went far enough to tell Walt that it had major healing properties.


Khufu always wears a Los Angeles Lakers jersey. He has golden fur and a rainbow-colored bum and nose.


Khufu has the ability to communicate with gods, conveying a great deal of information with a single cry. He can also perform a branch of magic for baboons. This includes healing and traveling great distances instantly.


The Kane Family: Khufu is very fond of the Kanes and acts affectionately around them. The only exception to this is when he realizes that Carter is a terrible basketball player, something that embarrasses Khufu.

Cleo: Khufu likes things that end in "O" so he likes Cleo (from Rio). Cleo refers to Khufu as babuinozinho, Portuguese for "little baboon".[1]


  • Khufu is named after the pharaoh that built the Great Pyramid of Giza.


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