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Min, you have to let go, I don’t like being dead any more then you like me being dead. Dwelling on it will only worsen our luck.

–Jun to his sister as she interrogates Juhwang Sebin in Tiger Honor.

Kim Jun was a Fox Spirit in the Thousand Worlds Space Forces. After dying when his ship crashed onto the Fourth Colony, he became a ghost.


When Jun was fifteen, he enlisted in to the Space force and was accepted, much to his excitement.

However, a few years later, he supposedly deserted his post and in search of the Dragon Pearl. Before vanishing he sent a message to Min.

In reality, he was sent on a covert mission to the Fourth Colony in the Ghost Sector, along with others, to retrieve the pearl. He was chosen because Captain Hwan discovered he was a Fox Spirit and felt his charm could increase the chances of success. However there shuttle was sabotaged by the ghosts and crashed. He was the last of the crew to die.

Thousand Worlds series

Dragon Pearl

Min, his sister.

After his death, he meets up with Min, Sujin, and Haneul and takes them to the crash site. He explains why he and the others came to the Fourth Colony and looks apologetically at his sister when she and her companions realize the ghosts are using them as bait to lure Hwan to them. After Min and the others escape he goes to his sister and apologizes. He tells her and the others he knows the Dragon Pearl's exact location and, after the living pack up camp, the four head out.

He leads the living cadets to the spot and are surrounded by the ghosts of colonists and military personnel. They point out that Hwan is about to land and he shields Min from the ghosts as she gets the Dragon Pearl. When Hwan shoots her down he goes to her. He gives his sister strength when she and the other living use the Dragon Pearl to put the ghosts of the Fourth Colony to rest. He tells Min he still wants to see the Thousand Worlds and she agrees to let him haunt her.

Back on the Pale Lightning he and Min decide what to tell their family and he says they will tell them together. He also jokes that, after telling him about her and Bora's bet, that she did not specify she had to bring him back alive. When Sujin and Haneul bring Min food, the Kims spend time with the cadets before they go back to their duties.

After Security Officer Seok proposes Min work for the Domestic Security Ministry he introduces him to the officer and, after the shock, he allows him to partner up with Min. When Seok drops Min home he materializes in front of his mother. She invites her children in and they tell her their story.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities: New Stories About Mythic Heroes

The Initiation

Seok calls him and Min to his office to inform them they must undergo training at the Gray Institute to become agents and asks that he hide himself. He agrees to go and convinces his sister.

Upon arriving on Daeriseok, a gas giant with domed cities that houses the Gray Institute, they are greeted by her instructor, Lee Bina. As Bina starts to show Min around, an alarm goes off indicating that the dome is breached. The two, along with another trainee named Hansoo, take action. Worried he might have inadvertently caused it, Min asks him to leave temporarily but he can not as he is haunting her and would pass on if he is away for to long. However it is revealed to be a drill and, after being greeted by the Commandant, Hansoo take Min to her room as she tells Jun she thinks the Commandant is hiding something. He stays hidden as the other trainees in Min's group introduce themselves, Duri, a non-binary dragon training to be a customs inspector, Chinsun, a female dokkaebi training to be a computer technician, and Haru, a girl training for combat. After that Hansoo says he wants to be an administrator as the group talk about their tests.

Over the next few days, Min and her teammates are briefed on different protocols and safety guidelines. On the third day they are tasked with inspecting a downed shuttle and finding out what caused it to crash. As they do, Duri starts to feel feint and Min notices they are growing. She talks to Jun, but he quickly vanishes. Min panics and thinks their is some kind anti ghost enchantment on the school and notices Duri has grown more. Soon they revert to their true form with Min noticing the same thing happening to her and Chinsun. Min asks him what is happening but he doesn't know and leaves just in case he is causing it. After his sister is outed as a fox the others are shocked to learn what she is, but they need all the help they can get and pay her little attention. They hear animal sounds and human screams from the other shuttle bays as Min says her handler wanted her heritage to be a secret. The group leaves, with Duri's emense size forcing them to stay behind, and they find other supernaturals panicking after being forced into their true forms. A trainee from a different group notices Min but thinks she is a dog. Min asks him, who has undergone a change in appearance, and the others notice him as well. They panic but calm down slightly when Min says he is her brother. Eventually they realize they forced transformations and lose of control might have something to do with the artifacts keeping the institute in orbit and agree to inform the Commandant.

They try to reach her but come up empty, Chinsun manages to hack into the system and get through. As they enter the elevator, Haru lays out a plan of action, having Min bite ankles if they are seen. They reach the Commandant's level and find everyone out cold and the door to the Commandant's office shut. Hansoo and Chinsun tend to the wounded as Min, Jun, and Haru approach the office cautiously. Just then the door flies off and a monsters will parts from various supernatural species emerges, Min bites it as Haru shoots at it with blasters she took from downed technicians. After a while, Min realizes the creature is the Commandant and, hearing something in the vent, Min tells Haru to fire at it and Duri falls on the Commandant. The group goes into her office to find the artifacts going haywire and Duri manages to shut them down. After that the supernaturals could take human form and they realize she was stealing magic.

Tiger Honor

He sneaks onboard the Haetae and reveals himself to Juhwang Sebin after the young tiger spirit is accused of helping their uncle. He tells Min to go easy on them. Later as his sister is ambushed by Hwan, Sebin, a dog, and a shaman, the dog starts to bark and drain him and his sister of their magic, reverting them to their true forms. Sena then threatens to send him to the afterlife if Min does not work with them. Min reminds Hwan he was the one who sent Jun to his death before pleading with Sena to let him stay in the land of the living. Sena starts the cleansing ritual and talks softly to Jun as he agrees with her and starts to fade. Min continues to plead as Sena stops, revealing it to be a warning and and threatens to send Jun away if she disobeys. Min reluctantly agrees and requests she be allowed to return to human form. Hwan reluctantly allows her as Shield requests two treats to do so. Sena gives him the treats and he lets Min take human form. Min leads them to the medical bay, where the captain is being treated, as Sebin watches Min. The doors fail to open when they arrive, resulting in Hwan ripping them open.

When Min charms Sebin into taking away Shield, she also charms Sena into to exercising him. Hwan retreats with the shaman but returns with six mercenaries. After his sister charms Sebin into not giving up, he creates an opening and the siblings escape.

He watches over Sebin as they are unconscious for three days after Hwan turns himself in. A few days after Sebin wakes up he pokes his hand through a table as Sebin and Min play game in the rec room.


Jun is a ghost of a teenager with long dark hair and wispy legs. He wears a cadet uniform of the Thousand Worlds Space Forces.


Jun is a hard worker. He has a desire to help people, as he joined the Space forces to help his home planet. He is easy going and rarely holds a grudge.

Be also has a dark sense of humor, as he said Min could still win her bet with their cousin as she never specified if she would bring him home alive or not.


  • In life, he liked dried squid.
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