If you ever need a new girlfriend...well, I think you'd look great in an iron collar and an orange jumpsuit.

–Kinzie to Percy, in The Son of Neptune

Kinzie was an Amazon who served Queen Hylla. She is the daughter of a nymph.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

At the Amazon base along with Hylla and others, Kinzie runs the front desk at the Amazon business. She seems to be Hylla's close friend and is very loyal to her. She later "helps" Hazel Levesque escape from the compound along with Frank Zhang and Percy Jackson. Kinzie happens to be a very skilled fighter. She could move faster than Hazel's eyes could follow and could also pull her sword out of thin air, which could imply that her mother is a Wind Nymph.

It is also hinted that she may have a crush on Percy, since she tells him at Camp Jupiter that she is available if he ever needs a new girlfriend, even though he tells her he already has a girlfriend at his old camp, Annabeth Chase.

Percy, who she helped escape

The Blood of Olympus

Kinzie tries to fight Orion, and the last we see of her in the series is as she jumps into the battle. Reyna later implies that she is killed, however no body or death is confirmed.

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