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Krithika P. Shah is the mother of Aru Shah. She is an archaeologist and curator of the museum she and her daughter live in.



Aru Shah, Krithika's daughter

At some point of time, Krithika P. Shah had a romantic relationship with Suyodhana. The two once strolled along the banks of a river, laughing and occasionally stopping to kiss, the two even had a daughter named Aru who was also the reincarnation of Indra's son, Arjuna. As soon as she was born, Krithika said "I love you both" to the ceiling and said she was doing this to free everyone. But Suyodhana was destined to become the Sleeper and awaken Shiva who will perform the cosmic dance and destroy the world. So before she opened her Museum of Ancient Indian Art and Culture, Krithika imprisoned him in the Diya of Bharata. She tearfully apologized saying that she will bind him with her heart, she vows to find a way to free both him and Aru.

Krithika came early to her father's for the Diwali celebrations. She told him it has happened, but she didn't want to choose between him and Aru. She believed that the world could be different and that their destinies aren’t chains around their necks, but wings that give them flight. But her father says that this path will jeopardize her family, defeat the purpose of the Panchakanyas, and she'd never set foot in the house again.[1]

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