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Kubera is the Lord of Wealth and a member of the Council of Guardians.


Kubera was born to Vishrava and his first wife, Ilavida. He became the ruler of the golden city of Lanka after Vishnu defeated Sumali and his brothers. But he was overthrown by his half-brother, Ravana, who was also Sumali's maternal grandson. Kubera then settled on Gandhamandana mountain, near Mount Kailash, and settled a city known as Alaka. Inside was a grove called Caitraratha, where the leaves were jewels and the fruits were girls of heaven. Kubera was friends with Shiva and after praying to him for many years, Shiva granted him the kingship of the Yakshas. The yakshas act as his assistants and protectors of the jewels of the earth, as Kubera is the treasurer of the gods.[1]

During the Pandavas' thirteen years of exile, Bhima ended up in Kubera's palace when he was looking for a flower he thought smelled nice. He slayed some of the lord of wealth's yakshas, rakshasas, and a demon named Maniman who was cursed by a sage. When Bhima was found asleep by his brothers, wife, and Krishna, Kubera appeared to give them the flowers as he too was affected by Maniman's curse.[2]

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Kubera's name was seen on one of the thrones of the Council of Guardians in the Court of the Sky.

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  • Kubera can also be referred to as Vaisravana.


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