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The Rainbow Flag, a common symbol amongst the LGBT community.

LGBT (also known as LGBTQ + , LGBTQA +, LGBTQIA +, LGBTQIA2S + , or LGBTQIA2P +) is an abbreviation for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender, a community of individuals who identify as neither heterosexual (attracted solely to the opposite sex) and / or cisgender (identify solely as the gender they were assigned at birth). Aside from the aforementioned terms, there are multiple other sexual orientations and gender identities. Rick Riordan has introduced various characters under the LGBT umbrella, as well as some of the authors under the Rick Riordan Presents imprint.

Sexual Orientations

Note: Only include sexual orientations shown by characters in the main literary universe or in Rick Riordan Presents.


Gay/Vincian Pride Flag (left) and Lesbian Pride Flag (right)

Homosexuality is an attraction to those of the same gender as oneself. Non-women who are attracted to other non-women exclusively are are referred to as gay. Gay is often used by people of all non-heterosexual identities as an adjective or even label. Meanwhile, non-men who are attracted exclusively to other non-men are referred to as lesbians. Unlike gay, lesbian is an exclusive term, and cannot be used by those who do not fit its definition.


Bisexual Pride Flag.

Bisexuality is an attraction to two or more genders. It may also defined as attraction to genders similar to or unlike one's own. This attraction can be with or without preference. Some who identify as bisexual may have a preference to one or more genders they experience attraction to, rather than an even split.


Pansexual Pride Flag.

Pansexuality is an attraction to all genders specifically without preference. Some who fit the definition of pansexual will prefer to identify with another label, most commonly bisexual.


Asexual Pride Flag.

Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction to others, but some do have a romantic attraction to others (alloromantic). Those who do not experience romantic attraction are considered to be on the aromantic spectrum. Some asexuals do feel sexual attraction under certain conditions, they may also use a label under the asexual umbrella such as demisexual to describe under what conditions they feel sexual attraction. Asexual identities can be classified as sex-averse, sex-favorable, or sex-indifferent.

Gender Identities

Note: Only include gender identities shown in the main literary universe or in Rick Riordan Presents.


Transgender Pride Flag.

Transgender an identity that refers to anyone who does not identify with their assigned gender at birth. This includes those who only partially identify with it, don't identify with it solely or don't permanently identify with it.


Non-Binary Pride Flag.

Non-Binary is an umbrella term used to refer to gender identities that are not exclusively male or female 100% of the time. While pronouns do not define identity, many non-binary people prefer to use pronouns such as they/them or neopronouns, such as xe/xim. Many also use multiple sets of pronouns (eg. he/him and they/them.) The label is also used as a gender identity by some. Two-spirit or two-spirited is an umbrella term for specific non-binary identities from various indigenous American and Canadian cultures.


Genderfluid Pride Flag.

Genderfluid is an identity where one's gender identity changes over time, it could be between the two binary genders but may also include non-binary identities as well as, such as xenogenders and neogenders. The change between genders can occur at any time, sometimes occurring as frequently as twice in the same day, as rare as once a year, or anywhere in between.


Bigender Pride Flag.

Bigender is an identity where someone identifies as two genders at once, with or without fluctuation between them. In some cases of individuals fluctuate between two genders, they may manifest a differing persona depending on the gender they identify as at the moment, such as a masculine identity if male or a feminine identity if female. Individuals who experience this may also switch between masculine and feminine versions of their names, such as going by Michael if identifying as male or Michelle if identifying as female.


Queer is an umbrella term used to describe those who are a part of the the LGBT community who do not or do not yet identify with a sexual orientation or a gender identity. The term was originally an insult meaning “strange” or “peculiar”, but it has since been reappropriated as an alternative to the various sexual orientations and gender identities under the LGBT umbrella.

Known LGBT characters

Main Literary Universe

Rick Riordan Presents


Main Universe

Rick Riordan Presents


  • In many myths, various Greek Gods are shown to be in same-sex relationships.
  • Ganymede is the Greek god of homosexual love and desire.
    • He was a Trojan legacy prince who was kidnapped by Zeus, who was amazed by his beauty, which could mean that Zeus is possibly bisexual.
  • Romantic Orientation differs from sexual orientation in that it determines who an individual is romantically attracted to rather than sexually attracted.
    • Someone's romantic orientation could be different from their sexual orientation. For example, someone could be asexual and panromantic or bisexual and homoromantic.
  • For some non-binary individuals, different terms are used to refer to one's sexual orientation such as:
    • Toric - Attraction to males.
    • Trixic - Attraction to females.
    • Ceterosexual - Attraction to those who identify as a non-binary gender.
  • Poseidon is also another god who is possibly LGBT, as it is stated he once had Nerites, a young sea-god son of Nereus, as a charioteer and a lover to him.
    • According to the myths, he once had a relationship with Pelops, the son of Tantalus.
  • In 2017, Rick Riordan gave a speech after he received the Stonewall Book Award. The speech was put on ReadRiordan for Pride month (June) 2019.