The Labyrinth was an underground maze, originally built on the island of Crete by the inventor Daedalus to hold the Minotaur in. It was destroyed when Daedalus died but was later remade by Pasiphaë


The Labyrinth was originally built for Crete after the birth of the Minotaur after Pasiphaë had an affair with the Cretan Bull due to Minos not sacrificing it. Minos got this idea after consulting the Oracle of Delphi. In order to protect its secret, Minos imprisoned its inventor, Daedalus, inside but gave him his own workshop. Daedalus eventually flew out of the labyrinth by making wings for him and his son, Icarus. Theseus managed to track through the labyrinth using the string of Minos' daughter, Ariadne, and make it back after slaying the Minotaur.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Clarisse was given a secret mission by Chiron to investigate the labyrinth. Kronos had also been sending scouts ahead to find ways into camp with the labyrinth, though with no success. However, all that Percy heard about Clarisse's absence is that she was on a "secret mission." During her time in the labyrinth, Clarisse found Chris Rodriguez near her mother's house and eventually took him to camp after trying to heal him herself.

Nico di Angelo also found an entrance to the labyrinth near Zeus' Fist. After running away from Camp Half-Blood into the woods, Percy and Annabeth followed him, but couldn't find him anywhere. This was because Nico had entered the labyrinth, and had started being trained in using his Underworld abilities by King Minos.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Theseus inside the Labyrinth defeating it's former prisoner, the Minotaur

As Olympus moved west, so did the Labyrinth. Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Tyson, and Rachel Elizabeth Dare attempted to navigate through the Labyrinth, with varying degrees of success.

Entrances to the Labyrinth could be found all over the United States of America and were marked with a Delta (Δ), the symbol of Daedalus. In addition, the Labyrinth increased in size constantly. Its life force was connected to Daedalus, so when Daedalus died, the Labyrinth also collapsed.

The Labyrinth gained a mind of its own and eventually grew out of Daedalus' control, since it began to grow and expand on its own. When Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson tried to get some sleep, they could hear the walls shifting around them. The walls were also constructed of many different materials from stone to concrete. Annabeth incorrectly assumed that Daedalus' Workshop was in the center of the maze, the oldest part of the maze, but was actually surrounded by futuristic walls and doors.

An entrance to the Labyrinth

Time in the labyrinth was impossible to tell since time inside did not correspond with outside time. When Percy and Annabeth fell into the labyrinth near Zeus' fist, they thought they were down there a few minutes, but they were actually missing for hours after the game ended. Once Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson found their way out of the maze after what seemed like only a few days, in reality two weeks had gone by, which caused Grover's deadline to find Pan already past. Distance was also distorted, as someone could walk around in the maze and exit almost anywhere. Percy and his group after entering the labyrinth in Texas, were able to exit at Mount Saint Helens in a very short amount of time with some help from Hephaestus' spider.

Two ways of navigating the maze are shown in the series, the first being Ariadne's String (invented by Daedalus and given to Theseus) and the second being with the help of a clear sighted mortal. Rachel Elizabeth Dare demonstrates this in by seeing a slight lighting in the floor guiding them to Daedalus' Workshop.

The Labyrinth was destroyed at Daedalus' death because it was tied to his life force.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

In the House of Hades, Pasiphaë remakes the Labyrinth or as she said "breathed life into the labyrinth". Daedalus is credited with the Labyrinth and it was believed that the Labyrinth collapsed during the Battle of the Labyrinth as Daedalus died, but Pasiphaë was alive and she awakened the Labyrinth once more saying that "it will spread under the skin of the earth once more."

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

The Labyrinth is said to be less sinister now that Daedalus is dead. The campers of Camp Half-Blood use it for the Three-Legged Death Race. Nero uses it to travel back and forth between New York and Delphi to talk with Python.

The Dark Prophecy

After Meg spoke a prophecy to determine their next move, Apollo decides to take the Labyrinth as he sees it as their best option to reach Camp Jupiter from Indianapolis before the new moon in five days.

The Burning Maze

Apollo, Meg, and Grover exploring a section of the labyrinth known as the burning maze.

Apollo and Meg have been traveling through the maze for two days with Grover Underwood as their guide. They get attacked by Strixes along the way.

A few days later the three are joined by Piper McLean and encounter Money Maker and Agave, Grover takes them back to Aeithales while the others go on. They then encounter and fight Medea.

A few days later, after obtaining Caligula's Sandals, Grover, Meg, Crest and Apollo go in the labyrinth to find and free Herophile. They find her, but are captured by Medea and her forces, but are soon saved by Piper and the Meliai and free Helios from his granddaughter‘s control.

List of Rooms in the Labyrinth

Roman Room

This room has paintings of the Roman gods at a feast on one wall. There is a fountain that doesn't work in the middle and mosaic tiles all over. This is where Janus tried to make Annabeth choose the left or right door until Hera intervened and sent Janus away.

Pit Room

A room filled with waterfalls that lead into Tartarus. This is where Annabeth, Percy, Grover, and Tyson stayed for the night. This is also where they brought Briares after they saved him from Kampê.


This classroom-like room is where the sphinx has her gameshow. There was a grading machine in the corner, but Tyson ripped it off and threw it at the sphinx. There were also skeletons on the walls, probably of her victims who lost.

Circular Chamber

This chamber looked like the bottom of a giant well. A narrow ramp spiraled up the side of the rough brick wall, at the top was a domed ceiling leading to the surface. According to Grover Underwood, the chamber wasn't originally there before, he suspected that the Labyrinth was helping them get to Aeithales.

Burning Maze

Caligula asked Medea use her magic to collect the flaming essence of her grandfather, Helios, the original sun god who faded away, so he could become the new sun god. The fire inside the Labryrinth caused flames to pop up all over southern California resulting in natural disasters like wildfires and droughts. The heart of this Burning Maze is where Herophile was being held captive, she was chained on a rock over a pool of Helios' Ichor. Medea had to mix Apollo, whom Zeus turned human, into the ichor to complete the spell. But she died and Helios was returned to the ether of Chaos, this resulted in the maze's collapse.

List of Known Entrances

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