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I'm a witch, remember? Now come, let's see if we can find a pot of rice for your phone.

–Lady Night to Tristan after he and his friends helped her take her juke joint back in Tristan Strong Destroys the World.

Lady Night is a Boo Hag, a spirit from Gullah folklore. She runs a juke joint that allows refuge to those who need it.


Lady Night, along with Mami Wata and Keelboat Annie, traveled Alke as a group under the leadership of Nana Strong.

Tristan Strong Trilogy

Tristan Strong Destroys the World

After the fall of MidPass, she allows some of its residents to stay at her juke joint in exchange for work. However one of the refugees, Big Big, hated being bossed takes her skin and refuses to return it. She was turned into a servant he called "Cookie" until one day Tristan Strong, Ayanna, and Junior arrive and she takes them away. She promises to help them if they get her skin back. As they agree to help, Gum Baby arrives and distracts Big Big as she takes her skin back. She scolds Big Big and forces him to return the items he took before binding him in a cloak. As thanks for their help, she offers Tristan and his companions a meal and agrees to fix the SBP. They reach a booth and she tosses it in a pot of Jollof Rice and tells Tristan he has to tell stories to fix it completely, but in doing so risks attracting the Shamble Man. He agrees to do so and she asks is him in getting the patrons to share their stories of the iron monster attacks. It works, but attracts Plat-eyes. She, Ayanna, and Junior heard the plat-eyes toward the stage and Tristan uses an app to see their story. Just then the Shamble Man arrives and Tristan reveals his true name, Brer Bear. As a fight breaks out and intensifies, she holds the rogue god at bay and the others escape. She manages to get the club goers out safely just as her juke joint is destroyed.

Later warriors from the Ridge arrive to help and later Tristan and the others return with Mami Wata. She tells Tristan that Junior is missing in action before hugging the water goddess and, when Tristan summons Keelboat Annie, the three embrace. However the storm reaches Alkean shores and they realize Brer Bear is coming. As they fly to the Golden Crescent, she, Tristan, and the goddesses imbue a quilt with stories in order to take on Brer Bear. She, Keelboat Annie, Gum Baby, and Ayanna watch as Tristan and Mami Wata free Brer Bear of his armor and mask, but the storm still rages on.


Night Lady is a dark skinned woman with short curly hair who wears a dark robe.


Unlike most Boo Hags, Night Lady is uninterested in stealing the skin and life force of the living.


  • Mystiokinesis: As a Boo Hag, Lady Night is skilled at using magic.
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