Braccas meas vescimini!

Percy Jackson, saying "Eat my pants!" in Latin, during The Lightning Thief

Latin is the language originally spoken in Ancient Rome and is currently the only official language in Vatican City. It eventually evolved into numerous languages as the centuries passed, including French, Spanish, and Italian, but a small community still speaks Latin. Despite it being a minor language it is still widely taught, mainly at the university level and at grammar schools, and is the official language of the Roman Catholic Church. Many words in English can trace their origins to Latin as can all of the Romance languages such as pictura got changed into picture in English.


Augustus, the first Roman Emperor

Romance Languages

Latin spread to many Western Mediterranean regions conquered by the Roman Empire. Local dialects spoken in these areas, mixed to various degrees with the languages of the invading Germanic peoples and indigenous inhabitants. They then developed into the Romance language family. The Romance languages include many popular and widely spoken languages including: Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. Aragonese, Catalan, Corsican, Galician, Romanian, Romansh, Sardinian and Sicillian are mainly minor languages spoken in small areas of Western Europe that still descend from Latin.

Types of Latin

There are several kinds of Latin as it evolved over the years. The forms are:

  • Archaic
  • Classical
  • Vulgar
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Ecclesiastical

Roman Demigods

Roman demigods are 'hardwired' for Latin, as opposed to the Greeks who are 'hardwired' for Ancient Greek. Greek demigods can speak a few words of Latin, but aren't as fluent in it as they are in Ancient Greek. Roman demigods have a harder time understanding Ancient Greek, compared to Greek demigods understanding Latin. In The Lost Hero, Jason Grace, the recently elected praetor of New Rome before his disappearance, speaks in Latin several times.

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