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Laurel Victor is a Greek demigod daughter of Nike and the twin sister of Holly Victor. She is the co-counselor of her cabin.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Laurel is partners with her sister Holly Victor as a part of the Three-Legged Death Race.  Despite winding up with shrapnel in them, they win the race. 

Camp Half-Blood Confidential

  • Laurel and Holly are new campers Chiron calls over to investigate Annabeth Chase's tiny houses or "modular cabins". They end up liking it and moving in. 
  • Laurel and Holly host a segment of the new orientation video called Game Changers.


Like her mother, Laurel is very competitive, with a first-place-or-nothing kind of mentality. She is constantly fighting with her sister Holly over who is the better head counselor, and was upset when Chiron announced that anyone who makes it out of the three-legged death race alive would get a trophy, as she believes only the fastest pair should get one. It is said that she and Holly were made co-counselors of their cabin so that they would compete with each other and that otherwise, they would've already taken over the camp and declared a dictatorship. Also, in The Dark Prophecy, Laurel and her sister Holly Victor are shown making fun of Apollo, showing that she and her sister are both slightly judgmental and power-based.

Nike, her mother.


  • Laurel wreaths are given to Olympic Athletes who win in their respective events, mainly track and field.
  • Her last name, Victor, is used to describe a winner.
  • According to Camp Half-Blood Confidential, she and her twin sister are planning to go vegetarian.