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Lavinia is a Roman demigod or legacy.

The Trials of Apollo

The Tyrant's Tomb

After Apollo and Meg McCaffrey crash their hearse when being chased by an Eurynomos, she and some nature spirits go over to help. She manages to kill the monster with a shot to the chest. She introduces herself and is shocked to learn that Jason Grace is dead. They hear a screech in the distance and head to Camp Jupiter.
Meg McCaffrey-RR

Meg, who found Lavinia when fighting an Eurynomos.


Lavinia is described as a gangly pink-haired young woman.


Lavinia is shown to be nervous in combat.


Lavinia is the name of a figure in Roman mythology, being the daughter of King Latinus of the Latins and his wife Queen Amata. She was also the last wife of Aeneas.


  • Lavinia is the second known Roman demigod or legacy to use a ranged weapon as their primary weapon, the first being Frank Zhang.
The Trials of Apollo
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