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A legacy is a mortal who is a second or further generation descendant of a god, namely the children, grandchild, or descendant of a demigod. They may or may not possess similar abilities to their godly ancestors. Recognition of Legacies seems unique to Camp Jupiter. It is also stated that various emperors of Rome were Legacies. Only first-generation descendants of the gods attend Camp Half-Blood, although Camp Jupiter accepts legacies.


Legacies are called as such due to being a mortal grandchild or further descendant of a particular deity, for example having three mortal grandparents and one godly grandparent. Legacies only count the god they are descendant of as an ancestor rather than that deity's parents or grandparents, for example, a legacy of Ares/Mars is not considered a legacy of Zeus/Jupiter. However, it is possible to be a legacy of two or more gods through various ancestral combinations.

Legacies are shown to sometimes have the abilities of their divine ancestor, such as Octavian having the gift of Prophecy or the descendants of Periclymenus inheriting his shapeshifting abilities. While this is true of some legacies, not every legacy has the abilities of their divine ancestor. This is due to divine powers diluting more and more after every generation of reproducing with mortals, however, if a legacy’s parents are powerful enough demigods, then the legacy’s abilities will likely be on par with their half-blood parents. Androgeos, the son of Minos and Pasiphaë, and thus a legacy of Zeus and Helios respectively, was said to have tremendous athletic abilities.

It is presumed that legacies still attract monster attention while in the mortal world, just to a lesser degree. The amount of monstrous attention they draw to themselves would depend on how powerful they are and/or how watered down their godly heritage is. 

In ancient times legacies were more common, with more demigods reaching adulthood and having children. While legacies are still fairly common among those with modern-day divine Roman lineage, they are a rarity among those with divine Greek lineage due to fewer reaching their twenties and beyond.

Legacies can sometimes suffer as a result of being the descendant of multiple deities or being both a demigod and a legacy. For example, Frank Zhang, a son of Mars and legacy of Poseidon was cursed by Juno and had his life force bound to a stick. However this is not always a case as Claudia, a daughter of Cardea and legacy of Mercury, appears not to suffer from being both a demigod and a legacy. This could be seen as a result of the Divine ancestry of the individual and the power of said individual's godly parent and/or ancestors.

List of Legacies

  • Icarus and his brother Iapyx were the sons of Daedalus with Athena's blessing, which makes them a legacy of Athena, goddess of wisdom.
  • Periclymenus is the grandson of Poseidon.
    • The Zhang family are descendants of Poseidon through Periclymenus, and many members of the family have the ability to change into any living creature because they have been blessed by Poseidon. This includes Emily ZhangGrandma Zhang, Xu Fu, Sung GuoShen Lun, and Frank Zhang.
    • Though Frank Zhang is a son of Mars, through his mother's side, he is a descendant of Periclymenus (who is a descendant of Poseidon). Thus, he has the ability to change into any living creature. He also has Greek, Roman, and Chinese ancestry.
  • Julius Caesar was a descendant of Venus, as he was descended from Aeneas, the Trojan hero.
    • Aeneas was a legacy of Zeus through his great-great-great-great-grandfather Dardanus, who was a son of Zeus.
    • Due to this his only son Caesarion is also a legacy of Venus.
  • Medea is a descendant of Helios and Hecate.
  • Lamia's children, Altheia and Demetrius, were children of Zeus but were also descendants of Hecate.
  • Vitellius is a descendant of Asclepius. He was also a legacy of Ares, his maternal great-grandfather.
  • Julia is a legacy of an unknown god or goddess.
  • Augustus Caesar (the first Roman Emperor) was the nephew of Julius Caesar. Thus, he too is descended from Venus.
  • Alexander the Great was said to be a descendant of Hercules on his father's side and Achilles on his mother's, thus making him a legacy of Zeus and Thetis respectively.
  • Hercules (although he is now a god) was an ancient hero and the son of Zeus. However, he is also a legacy of Zeus because he is the great-grandson of Perseus, son of Zeus.
  • Perseus, was said to have been descended from Lelex, a son of Poseidon, making Perseus a legacy of Poseidon. This would also make Heracles descended from Poseidon. Weirdly, like his grandson Heracles, he was also a son and legacy of Zeus. His maternal great-grandfather Lacedaemon was a son of Zeus.
  • Theseus was the great-great-great-grandson of Zeus on his mothers side, thus making him a son of Poseidon and a Legacy of Zeus
  • Rhea Silvia was the mother of Romulus and Remus. She is descended from Aeneas, son of Venus.
    • Cyzicus and Ascanius, the two sons of Aeneas, were both legacies of Venus as Aeneas was a son of Venus. They were the first Roman legacies.
    • Romulus and Remus were descended from Venus from their ancestor Aeneas and Zeus from their ancestor Dardanus, a son of Zeus.
  • Perdix is a legacy of Athena, being the nephew of Daedalus, son of Athena.
  • Romulus and Remus, being sons of Rhea Silvia, are descendants of Venus in addition to being sons of Mars.
  • Octavian was the resident augur at Camp Jupiter and a legacy of Apollo.
  • Autolycus is a son of Hermes and a descendant of Eosphorus as his mother, Khione, is the daughter of Daedalion, a son of Eosphorus.
  • Odysseus is the descendant of Zeus through his paternal grandfather Arcesius, a son of Zeus, and is a legacy of Hermes through his maternal grandfather, Autolycus. This also makes him a descendant of Eosphorus.
  • Jason, leader of the Argonauts, was a legacy of Hermes through his maternal grandfather Autolycus, a son of Hermes. This also makes him a descendant of Eosphorus.
  • Lycaon's father Pelasgus was a son of Zeus, making Lycaon and his children and grandchildren all legacies of Zeus.
  • Though Otrera is called the daughter of Ares in The Son of Neptune, she was called the daughter of Eurus in the myths, making her children (Hippolyta, Melanippe, Antiope, Penthesilea) all legacies of Eurus as well as children of Ares.
    • Antiope's son Hippolytus would be a legacy of Eurus or Ares (depending on the myth), and through his father Theseus he was be a legacy of Poseidon. Through his paternal great-great-great-grandfather Tantulus he was a legacy of Zeus.
  • Minos and his brothers Rhadamanthus and Sarpedon, were sons of Zeus, but were also legacies of Poseidon and Zeus.
    • Ariadne (as well as Phaedra and their other siblings) is a legacy of Zeus since her father, Minos, King of Crete, was a son of Zeus. She was also a legacy of Poseidon (through her grandmother Europe). Even more, she's a legacy of Helios, being Pasiphaë's daughter. 
  • Dionysus (although he is now a god), was descended from Harmonia, the goddess of harmony. His mother Semele was a daughter of Harmonia. His maternal great-grandfather Agenor was a son of Poseidon, thus making Dionysus a legacy of Poseidon.
  • Asclepius (although he is now a god), was a legacy of Ares through his mother Coronis, whose father was Phlegyas, a son of Ares.
  • Ganymede (although he is now a god), was a legacy of Zeus through his great-grandfather Dardanus, he's also a legacy of Scamander, a potamoi, trough his mothers who is/was a naid, making him also a descendent of Oceanus and Tethys.
  • Bryce Lawrence, was a legacy of Orcus, the Roman god of punishment in the Underworld.
  • Nero (although now a god), was the great-great grandson of Augustus, a descendant of Apollo, making him a legacy. Nero was part of the Julio-Claudian family with blood ties to Julius Caesar. Thus, he is descended from Venus, through their distant ancestor, Aeneas. He is also a legacy of Ares and Zeus.
  • Staphylus, in addition to being a son of Dionysus, is a legacy of Zeus as his mother is the daughter of Minos, a son of Zeus.
  • Hemithea, along with her sisters Rhoeo and Parthenos, are the daughters of Staphylus, a son of Dionysus. She is also a legacy of Zeus through her father as well.
  • Hippolytus is a both a legacy of Poseidon and a legacy of Ares through his father Theseus and his mother Hippolyta respectively.
  • Hippolyta, in addition to being a daughter of Ares, was also a granddaughter of Eurus through her mother Otrera.
  • Meg McCaffrey, in addition to being a daughter of Demeter, is a distant descendant of Poseidon through her father, Phillip McCaffrey, who was descended from Plemnaeus, a grandson of Poseidon. This also makes Phillip himself a legacy of Poseidon.
  • Claudia, in addition to being a daughter of Cardea, is a legacy of Mercury through her father, a grandson of the messenger god, Mercury.
  • Ida, a Centurion of the Second Cohort, is a legacy of Luna.
  • Perigune is the daughter of Sinis, a son of Poseidon making her a legacy of Poseidon.
  • Hippomenes is a legacy of Poseidon through his father Megareus.
  • Janice, while being a daughter of Janus, is the legacy of an unknown god or goddess through her mother.

The gens Julia of Rome

In ancient Rome, the family known as Julia was a powerful Patrician Roman family, who claimed descent of many gods. Some of the famous members of this family include: Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar and Flavius Julius. They trace their lineage back to Romulus, son of Mars and Rhea Silvia, descendants of Aeneas. Others would claim they were related to Aeneas, who lead his people away from Troy and eventually founded the land that would become Rome. Others would sometimes claim to be related to Dardanus, a son of Jupiter and Electra. The claims don't conflict, since in the myths, Romulus and Remus are descendants of Aeneas, who is a descendant of Dardanus.

The gens Caecilia of Rome

In ancient Rome, the family known as Caecilia, a prominent Plebeian tribe, claimed descent from Caeculus, a son of the God Vulcan and the founder of the Latin city of Praeneste. Caeculus was said to have mastery over and resistance to fire.

Ancient Swedish Monarchy

The kings of Sweden are believed to be legacies of Frey, a status that would apply to their modern descendants from various lines, including the modern Swedish royal family.

This also includes some members of:

  • The Danish and Norwegian royal families (those descended from the union of Louise of Sweden and Frederick VIII of Denmark, with Frederick’s second son Haakon becoming king of Norway after the union between the two countries dissolved. Also for the Norwegian, the descendants of Martha of Sweden and Olav V of Norway).
  • The Greek Royal Family (those descended of Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark and Constantine II).
  • The Belgian royal family (those descended of Astrid of Sweden and Leopold III).
  • The Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg (those descended from the union of Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Joséphine Charlotte of Belgium, with Joséphine Charlotte being a daughter of Astrid of Sweden and Leopold III).

The Chase family is descended from Swedish kings, so the members of the Chase family are most likely legacies of Frey.

Bourbon Dynasty

Descendants of King Louis XIV of France (son of Apollo) are Roman legacies; included in this group are the Spanish royal family and other European nobles.

Nayéé Neizghani’s Bloodline

SunRace.jpg Not part of Riordanverse

The following article/section is from the Race to the Sun continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Nayéé Neizghani, also known as Monsterslayer, was one of the twin sons of Changing Woman, one of the Navajo Holy People. His descendants can either detect monsters, such as Bethany and Nizhoni Begay, or manipulate water, such as Mac Begay.


  • A legacy is considered as such if they can call at least one god a grandparent at the very least, such as being:
    • the child of a demigod and a mortal.
    • the child of a legacy and a demigod.
    • the child of a legacy and a mortal.
    • the child of two legacies.
    • the child of two demigods.
    • the child of a demigod and a god.
    • the child of a legacy and a god.
  • Children born to a demigod and a god or a legacy and a god are considered to be both a demigod and a legacy, such as Frank Zhang (a son of Mars and legacy of Poseidon) and Claudia (a daughter of Cardea and legacy of Mercury).
  • If a legacy has two divine ancestors or is both a demigod and a legacy, they are tattooed with both of their symbols. For example, Claudia has a hinge for being a daughter of Cardea and a caduceus for being a great-granddaughter of Mercury.
  • It appears that a legacy is only named for their closest godly ancestor. For instance, Octavian is a legacy of Apollo, however he is not referred to as a legacy of Jupiter or Saturn, Apollo's father and grandfather respectively.


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