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Legionnaires are the main soldiers who serve in the Roman Legion. They were heavy infantry and during the days of the Roman Empire, were renowned for their discipline, obedience, building skills and fighting skills.


Members of the Twelfth Legion Fulminata assembling for evening muster.

Roman demigods and legacies start their journey from the Wolf House, and make it to Camp Jupiter on their own. If they are deemed worthy, they are allowed to join the Legion as a probatio, or new recruit.

Once a probatio has earned their tattoo by either servicing Camp Jupiter for a year, being claimed by their divine parent or ancestor, or by performing a great deed for the Twelfth Legion Fulminata, they become a full member of the legion.


Every member of the Legion receives a preliminary training in survival by the wolf goddess, Lupa. This training lasts for a few weeks, until Lupa deems the candidate worthy, and sends him or her to find Camp Jupiter using only instincts. Once the demigod or legacy joins the Legion, he/she is trained in many areas like legion training, medicine, Latin, monster class, Roman History and culture, gladiator training and building fortifications.

The average legionnaire in Camp Jupiter is expected to participate in Camp Activities like War Games, Chariot Races, Death Ball, Eagle Training and Gladiator Duels.

After ten years of service, the demigod or legacy is honorably discharged and can either live in New Rome or any where in the United States of America.


Every legionnaire is equipped with full Roman Armor, a short stabbing sword called gladius, a dart or heavy javelin called pilum, a pair of shoes with heavy metal cleats, a dagger (pugio) and a thick heavy rectangular shield, which covers the entire body.

The whole equipment weighs over a hundred pounds, but a lifetime of athletic conditioning, gives the legionnaire to quickly cover ground.