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When a camper arrives at Camp Jupiter, after their meetings with the praetors and the augur, they are expected to give a letter of recommendation from a former member of the legion. A letter can determine a camper's entire life in the legion. Those with the best letters are put in the better cohorts and given jobs, such as messenger. Those with the worst or no letters are put in the lower cohorts and are given jobs such as digging trenches in the Field of Mars or looking after Hannibal.    

Placement based on Letters

A letter of recommendation can be given by a family member.  It often comes from a family member who held a higher rank in the legion,such as a Centurion, Messenger, Augur or Praetor.  Depending on the ranking of the person who it is written by depends on how important it may be.   


A Centurion writing it is to be taken serious and most likely gets the person put into either the first, second or third Cohort.    


A Messenger's writing is considered to be serious, but it depends on that Messenger's former ranking in the legion, so they could give you any Cohort depending on the Messenger themselves'.   


An Augur's writing is treated with some of the utmost respect and seriousness.  No matter how good the Augur themselves was,being an Augur is an honour and is one of the highest ranking in the legion.  A letter of recommendation from any Augur is guaranteed to earn you a place in the first or second Cohorts.   


A Praetor's writing is undisputed,no matter what.  Unless the Praetor was banished from camp of dishonourably discharged,their recommendation is law.  It is guaranteed to get you a spot in the first Cohort and a job as either a medic or messengers and will exclude you from any and all work, such as digging trenches in the Field Of Mars or looking after Hannibal.    


A letter's of recommendation from that of a god or goddess themself.  It is treated above the respect of even that of a Praetor's recommendation and depending on the status of the immortal in the legion depends on how much it counts.  It will most likely guarantee you a spot in the first or second Cohort and you are automatically excused from any sort of work,no matter what their status in the legion is.    

Active Legionaries

And then there's the recommendation of an active member of the legion.  It is more often treated higher in respect that a former legionnaire's.  Active members of the legion most often don't use letters and will just give their suggestions,opinions and recommendation upfront and in person.  And it will be a huge deciding factor of your status in the legion.  And letters of recommendation are often taken more seriously when given either in person by whoever wrote it because it shows the legionnaire's potential importance.  

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Percy Jackson is asked by Octavian if he has any letters. Percy does not know what he means and answers no.

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