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The following article/section is from the Thousand Worlds continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Lieutenant Commander Ju-Eun is a high ranking officer in the Thousand Worlds Space Forces.

Dragon Pearl

She and Captain Hwan inspect the damaged meridian on the Pale Lightning. When Hwan suggests it might be a ghost she thinks it might be one of the raiders from earlier, but Hwan reminds her that none of them died on the ship. He suggests a prank by a cadet but she fiercely denies it. He dismisses her and she leaves.

Later she is briefed by Min on what happened on the Fourth Colony and takes command of the ship until a new captain is found. She allows Min to keep the Dragon Pearl, but informs her that she disqualified herself from joining the Space Forces by impersonating Bae Jang, who she promises will receive a military funeral. She tells Min she will be brought to Black Locust Station and taken back to Jinju from there.

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