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This article is a comprehensive list of characters in the Kane Chronicles. There are a great variety of characters in the The Kane Chronicles. While many of them have significant roles, others are only briefly featured or mentioned in passing.


Main Characters

The characters from The Red Pyramid's Graphic Novel art by Orpheus Collar

  • Carter Kane: The son of Julius and Ruby Kane, and brother of Sadie. He is the descendant of two very powerful and ancient magician families, and is therefore connected to the Blood of the Pharaohs. He was the host of Horus.
  • Sadie Kane: Carter's younger sister by two years (although she can pass as being one year younger for a few months after her birthday). She is naturally talented in magic and is also connected to the Blood of the Pharaohs. She was a host of Isis.
  • Julius Kane: The widowed father of Carter and Sadie Kane and the brother of Amos Kane . He is a powerful magician and works as an Egyptologist. He is the host of Osiris.
  • Amos Kane: Julius Kane's brother and Carter and Sadie's uncle. He is the most powerful magician. Currently the Chief Lector. He was forced to be the host of Set.
  • Zia Rashid: A teenage Egyptian girl. She is also a magician and scribe of the House of Life in the First Nome. She was the host of Nephthys. In the Red Pyramid, she was replaced by a shabti by Iskandar, to protect her from both the power of Nephthys (as she controls fire, and Nephthys is the water goddess) and people of the First Nome who would execute her for hosting a goddess, even unwillingly. Her real form discovered by Bes and Carter at the Place of the Red Sands, in Egypt near the Nile. She is also Carter's not-so-secret crush since The Red Pyramid. In The Throne of Fire, those feelings are intensified; she seemed to show him some compassion, but told him she wasn't ready for a relationship. She becomes the eye of Ra in The Serpent's Shadow, and eventually helps bring Ra fully back. Also, she starts a romantic relationship with Carter.
  • Walt Stone: A magician studying under the Kane siblings. Walt is skilled in charm making and has Tutankhamen's curse. Has feelings for Sadie and becomes the permanent host of Anubis so he can survive and both can be with Sadie.

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Mr. and Mrs. Faust: The grandparents of Sadie and Carter and parents of Ruby Kane. They blame Julius for Ruby's death and do not wish to have anything to do with him or Carter. After the Rosetta Stone incident, however, they allow Amos to take Sadie to America for her protection.
  • Mel: A magician in the House of Life, loyal to Desjardins.
  • Liz and Emma: Sadie's good friends in London. They are noted to be boy-crazy and consider Carter to be 'hot'.
  • Jaz: A kind, blond girl from Nashville with a talent for healing magics. She is a student of Sadie and Carter.
  • Chief Inspector Williams: The inspector assigned to the Rosetta Stone incident. There is some implication of racism as he questions Sadie by suggesting that Carter may have aided his father. Sadie is further upset by the implication that she should not consider Carter to be her brother because they do not look alike. When she becomes uncooperative, Williams threatens to arrest them until Amos Kane uses magic to manipulate him. Charges are later dropped against the siblings.
  • Dr. Martin: The curator at the British museum.
  • Jean-François Champollion: The man who deciphered the Rosetta Stone and the great-uncle of Desjardins. He unintentionally unleashed magic while studying the Stone and fell into a coma for five days. As the first man outside of the House of Life to unleash magic, he and his descendants were invited to the House, although he died before he could join.
  • Julian: A student of the Kane siblings from Boston.
  • Felix: A nine-year-old magician studying at Brooklyn House.
  • Alyssa: A magician from Carolina studying under the Kane siblings.
  • Sean: A student of the Kane siblings' hailing from Dublin.
  • Cleo: A magician from Rio de Janeiro. She is currently studying under the Kane siblings.
  • Sarah Jacobi: a female magician commanded by Vladimir to attack Brooklyn House. Before that, she was assigned to Antartica for starting a big tsunami in the Indian Ocean.
  • Kwai: a male, Asian magician commanded by Vladimir to attack Brooklyn House. Before that, he was assigned to the 360th nome for murdering a fellow magician in North Korea.


Main article: Egyptian Gods
Main article: Egyptian Gods

  • Anubis: The god of embalming and funeral rites and Sadie Kane's love interest. He is the son of Nephthys and Set, but was raised by Osiris and Isis. Takes Walt Stone on as his first host and is allowed to remain on Earth and with Sadie even after the other gods leave.
  • Apophis: The god of chaos. He prefers to take the form of an enormous serpent. His previous hosts were Face-Of-Horror and Vlad the Inhaler. Destroyed by Sadie and Carter Kane with an execration spell with the help of Horus and Isis.
  • Bast: The goddess of cats and the Eye of Ra. She protects Sadie and Carter Kane and her host is Muffin.
  • Horus: The falcon god of revenge and pharaohs. His host is Carter Kane. He is the son of Isis and Osiris.
  • Isis: The goddess of magic. She is also the goddess of motherhood. Her known hostess' are Sadie Kane and Ruby Kane. The wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus.
  • Osiris: Lord of the Dead, king of the gods, and husband to Isis. His host is Julius Kane.
  • Set: The god of storms and the desert and husband to Nephthys. His host is Amos Kane. He is the antagonist of The Red Pyramid but an ally in The Throne of Fire and The Serpent's Shadow.
  • Ra: The god of the sun. Appeared in The Throne of Fire as a very senile old god. After taking Zia Rashid as a host in The Serpent's Shadow, he is reborn with his mind intact.
  • Ptah: The god of craftsmen and creation. Appeared in The Throne of Fire as a date farmer.
  • Sekhmet: The goddess of destruction, pestilence, and warfair. She appears as a woman with a lion's head. She was the former Eye of Ra.
  • Sobek: The god of crocodiles. He appeared when Sadie attempted to call Nephthys at the Rio Grande. He later fights alongside them and Ra during the final battle with Apophis
  • Neith : The goddess of hunting, wisdom, battle and weaving in the Egyptian pantheon.She was the major deity of the Egyptian town Sais, where Sadie and Walt later tracked her down
  • Nephthys: The goddess of rivers. The wife of Set and mother of Anubis. Briefly hosted by Zia Rashid.
  • Nut: The sky goddess. She is the wife of Geb and mother of Horus, Isis, Osiris, Nephthys and Set. Needs no host as she is the sky.
  • Thoth: The god of knowledge. He resides in the University of Memphis.
  • Heket: The frog goddess. Now forgotten, she resides in the Fourth House.
  • Bes: The dwarf god. His ren was taken away in a gamble by Khonsu but is restored by Sadie Kane and Walt Stone. After helping to destroy Apophis he has now started a relationship with Tawaret.
  • Tawaret: The goddess of hippos. She is the caretaker of the Fourth House. Now in a relationship with Bes.
  • Khonsu: The moon god. He gave time to the Kanes so that they could pass through the Eighth House.
  • Babi: The baboon god. He attacked Sadie at London and intervened with the Kanes in the First House.
  • Nekhbet:The vulture goddess. She attacked Sadie at London and intervened with the Kanes in the First House.


  • Bloodstained Blade: An axe-headed demon in service to the Kane family. He runs the Egyptian Queen.
  • Doughboy: A shabti created by Julius Kane. He is activated by the phrase, "tell me what you know". He is made out of wax and has no legs so he will not come to life and attempt to murder his masters. He is prideful and arrogant and seems to despise magicians, particularly those of the Kane family. Sadie and Carter eventually give him a coat and made him drive a car for them. It is unknown if he is still alive.
  • Face of Horror: Set's lieutenant during the Demon Days. He was in actually the host of Apophis, who wanted to manipulate Set.
  • Jerrod and Wayne: Jerrod and Wayne are both magician shabti and as such have magical abilities. Jerrod has the ability to create lizards and Wayne is an elementalist with the power of the wind. Thoth uses them to test Sadie and Carter.
  • Khufu: Amos Kane's pet baboon. Who loves basketball.
  • Muffin: Sadie's pet cat, an Egyptian Mau, and Bast's host. Carter notes that Muffin never seems to age or grow.
  • Philip of Macedonia: A shabti belonging to Amos Kane that takes the shape of an albino crocodile.
  • Set animal: A demon that represents Set's cunning, strength, and evil.
  • Death-to-Corks: A Cork-Screw headed demon that is killed by Vladimir Menshikov during an excecration.


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