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Named after the Tiber River of Ancient Rome, the Little Tiber might be small, but it's full of power. It acts as a boundary to keep out undesirables like monsters, salesmen, and Greeks. No one quite knows where the Little Tiber originates, nor where the water goes once it reaches the lake. Some say it flows to and from the Underworld, or from the mist of time, but no one who has tried to find the source, has returned alive.

The Little Tiber is a river that flows in Camp Jupiter. It is not as large as the original Tiber river in Rome, which is why the campers of Camp Jupiter call it the "Little Tiber." It flows with the power of the original Tiber, and is able to wash away Greek blessings.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

When Percy Jackson arrives at the Roman camp with the Gorgons close behind, he carries Juno, disguised as an old hippy called June, across the river. Then he uses hydrokinesis to control the waters of the Little Tiber and create whirlpools and two giant hands made of water. The hands follow his commands and drag the two Gorgons under the waves, ripping them into dust and not allowing them to reform. Unfortunately, the waters are also able to wash away Percy's Curse of Achilles, as his Greek blessing cannot cross over to Roman territory. After having been splashed with water, Percy feels like he had taken an acid bath, and comments on feeling vulnerable. After the danger has passed, Hazel Levesque pulls Frank Zhang from the river.

Juno changed her form to become a seven-foot tall goddess. She introduces Percy to Camp Jupiter then vanishes on the riverbank. Frank later picks up two vials of Gorgon Blood from the river, which were spoils of war that were left behind by the Gorgons.

After Percy returns from his quest to free Thanatos, he has a dream where he sees Juno on the banks of the river. They argue about the six months that Percy was asleep, and Percy tries to drown her in the river's waters, but fails because the goddess keeps disappearing and reappearing in another spot.

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