Loki’s Cavern is the prison of Loki after the trickster killed Balder.


Loki, the prisoner

After killing Balder, Loki was tracked down and placed in the cavern. He was bound to a stone slab with the entrails of his sons, Vali and Narvi. A venomous snake was placed above his head, an idea through of by Skadi that secreted a cerosive venom on his face with only his wife Sigyn for company.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

When Loki talks with Magnus Chase in a dream, the son of Frey sees the trickster in in the cavern shackled to the rocks of within.

The Hammer of Thor

Loki’s Cavern is the location of the wedding between Thrym and Samirah al-Abbas. it was half-frozen when Hearthstone uses Isa to Loki's bonds. It also is covered in lava and sulphur . After the fight breaks out Loki is freed from his bonds by Randolph Chase and flees to Helheim.

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