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London is the capital of both England and the United Kingdom. Situated on the River Thames, London has been a major settlement for two millennium having been established by the Romans as Londinium, a civilian town, about seven years after the invasion of AD 43.

Today, London is a leading global city and one of the world's dominant financial centers. The region's official population of 8,416,525 was determined in 2013, making it formerly the largest municipality in the European Union, until the United Kingdom left the European Union in 2019.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

During his biannual visit to London, Julius Kane, along with son Carter, reunite with Sadie ‒ his daughter whom was awarded to her grandparents after a lengthy legal battle. Throughout the duration of the car ride to the British Museum, Julius Kane is noted by his children to be acting abnormally. Just past Waterloo Bridge, Julius tensed and asked the driver to stop by the sidewalk, exiting the taxi. Curious as to find out what is troubling their father, the children also emerge from the taxi and find themselves facing Cleopatra's Needle. Sadie is angered by the stop and exclaimed, "Do we have to stop for every monument?", to which her father replied "I had to see it again. Where it happened..." Piecing the puzzle together, Sadie soon realized her father was referring to their deceased mother. She is surprised to hear him talk openly about her death, as her mother's passing had always been a forbidden subject. As Julius began to tell his children about the loss of the love of his life, a sudden flash lit up the embankment. Two figures could be seen, but they vanished as quickly as they materialized. Although Sadie is at a loss as to who they are, her father senses danger and orders his children back into the taxi. From that point onward, Julius remained silent about matters concerning his wife.

Upon arrival at the British Museum, Julius warns his children to act naturally while meeting the curator. As the family climb out of the cab, Carter sees his father throw stones into the backseat. He asks the driver to continue on, as their destination is Chelsea. Carter decides the act is suspicious, but his father claims London cabs do not take long to fill. As Sadie marched after their father, Carter followed her through the wrought-iron gates into the museum.

While at the museum, Julius tells them to lock the curator in his office while he frees Osiris. He succeeds in hosting Osiris but is captured by Set. The Police then take Carter and Sadie to their grandparent's house to question them on what happened at the museum. They then tell the siblings they have twenty four hours to leave the country. Amos Kane shows up and takes his niece and nephew back to Brooklyn with him.

The Throne of Fire

Sadie goes to London for her birthday and meets with her friends and grandparents, who were possessed by Babi and Nekhbet.


  • London is actually two cities, the cities of London and Westminster.
  • London is also the location of the Ninth Nome of the House of Life.
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