Los Angeles (commonly referred to as L.A.) is a city in Southern California.


According to Apollo, Los Angeles was all about sprawl and suburbs. It wasn’t really meant to have a downtown, any more than pizza was meant to have mango chunks. Here and there among the dull grey government buildings and closed-up shopfronts, parts of downtown had been revitalized. Within the surface streets were plenty of new condos, hip stores and swanky hotels.

Grand Park wasn't really much of a park let alone it being grand. Across the street rose an eight-story honeycomb of concrete and glass, the Hall of Records. In the fifteen-minute loading zone nearby, there was a twenty-foot-high concrete wall running the length of the block. It was punctuated by unremarkable metal doors that were service entrances, one of them led into the Labyrinth which contained an underground parking lot. Stretching into the darkness of that, the polished cement floor was painted with yellow directional arrows and rows of empty grid spaces. Lines of square pillars supported the ceiling twenty feet above. Posted on some of them were signs like: HONK. EXIT. YIELD TO LEFT.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood visit Los Angeles during their quest for the master bolt, in search of the Underworld's main entrance, DOA Recording Studios.

The Trials of Apollo

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The Burning Maze

Grover returned here with Apollo, Meg McCaffrey, and Piper McLean to look for an entrance to the Burning Maze.


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