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Lost! is the first song of the second act of The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical.


Percy: Guys, we just exploded a bus-

Annabeth: Yep.

Percy: - that was being attacked by triplet demon math teachers.

Annabeth: Oh yeah.

Percy: Is the whole trip going to be like this?

Annabeth: I hope so!


Hades is sending his monsters after us,
We’re doing something right.

Grover: All our food was in there.
All our clothes were in there.
All our food was in there!

Percy: Sit tight.

Annabeth Look, I made an itinerary for any adversity.
Drawn from the quests of heroes pasts.
It’s right here in my pocket.

Percy: It's where in your pocket?

Annabeth: Oops. It got busted in the blast.

Percy: What did it say?

Annabeth: Take the bus, to Los Angeles.

Percy: We blew up the bus.

Annabeth: I know.

Grover: To Los Angeles.

Percy: What are we supposed to do?

Annabeth: Wait for another bus?

Percy: But what if we blow that one up too?

All: We’re lost in the woods,
Somewhere in New Jersey.
And we’re never going to make it to LA.
We’re lost-

Annabeth: And it’s cold.

Grover: And it won’t stop raining.

Percy: Let’s just go.

Grover: No, not that way.

Annabeth: No backup plan.

Grover: No food.

Percy: No phone.

All: No adult supervision.

We’re lost in the woods.
And we’ll never leave New Jersey.
If none of us are making a decision!

Grover: It’s not safe to stay out in the open.
With monsters hoping to eat us alive.

Percy: How do they know where we are
When we don’t even know?
How are we gonna survive?

Annabeth: It’s your smell.

Percy: I don’t smell.

Grover: Dude, like listen please,
Half-Bloods to monsters smell like Mickey D’s.

Percy: We smell?

Grover: Like tacos or takeout-Vietnamese.

Annabeth: So hopefully they just ate.

Percy: Fantastic gang, I don’t wanna die in the garden state!

All: We’re lost in the woods
In the middle of New Jersey
And we’re never gonna make it to LA.

We’re lost and it’s dark.
And I think that something’s moving.
And I think it’s coming this way.


Annabeth: Is it a monster?

Grover: It’s a squirrel!

[Grover and Squirrel chitter together]

Percy: Dude, are you talking to a squirrel?

Grover: Satyr powers, be nice. This squirrel knows every corner of these woods, maybe he can help us.

Percy: Really, caus I think that’s kind of... nuts.

[Squirrel stops chittering]

Grover: You hurt his feelings. Tell the squirrel you’re sorry.

Percy: I am not saying sorry to a squirrel.

Annabeth: He’s very sorry. Tell the squirrel you’re sorry, Percy.

Percy: Okay, okay. I’m very sorry.

[Squirrel resumes chitterling]

Percy: Where are we?

Grover: He says

We’re lost in the woods
In the middle of New Jersey.
And we’re never going to make it to LA.


Thanks buddy.

Percy: I think the gods are trying to tell me they hate me.

Annabeth: I’m getting that too.


Percy: Hungry monsters on the ground.

Annabeth: Angry gods are in the sky.

Grover: No safe places to be found.

All: Wanna run, wanna cry.

Percy: Can’t go back to any home.

Annabeth: Camp is way to far away.

Grover: Can’t protect my only friends.

All: No place to go.
No place to stay.

We’re lost in the woods.
And the work is freaking awful.
And we’re never gonna make it to LA.

We’re lost.
We’re just kids.
We’re alone.
This is impossible.

Who put the fate of the world
In the hands of three scared half-bloods.
It’s crazy.

Annabeth: So pick a direction.

Grover: It’s your quest.

Percy: A direction.

Annabeth: A direction, whatever you decide.

Percy: Whatever I decide?

Grover: Yes, dude, decide.


Percy: There! I have a good feeling about there.

Aunty M: Children, come inside.