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Louie is a Mayan godborn, a son of Chaac.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Fire Keeper


Chaac, his father.

Louie is abducted by Gee and conscripted into service of the hero twins.

Later after Zane Obispo is captured, an illusion of Louie demonstrates his powers by making it rain hard enough to hurt the son of Hurakan and calls him a traitor. After the twins leave, he and the other godborns are revealed to be in cages with him being next to Zane. Louie and the others are freed when Ren Santiago, who arrives with Ah-Puch and Rosie, unlocks the cages with her Mexica magic. However there escape is thwarted when Marco awakens Camazotz. When Ah-Puch sides with the bat god, Camazotz explains how the twins will use Hurakan and the godborns to resurrect the Mexica Gods and creating a world where they are in charge. He and the other godborns hide and throw whatever they can find at the bats and head to the gateway when Ah-Puch stabs Camazotz, but they fail to go through as Ah-Puch is killed and the gatewa closes. After Ah-Puch is revived, he and the others escape into a new gateway into an unknown jungle as he holds of the bat god. When Zane tells the godborns to hide, he and the others convince him to let them fight and the son of Hurakan let’s them be an auxiliary unit.

After the twins escape and the gods catch Zane and Brooks, he and the other godborns make themselves known to the gods, much to their shock. They go to Xib’alb’a and Louie and the others wait outside while Zane explains everything to the gods, after he comes out, Louie and the other godborns express their desire to be claimed. He is revealed to be a son of Chaac and given a golden jaguar tooth to contact his father and sent home.


Louie has a short and plump build.


  • Atmokinesis: As a son of Chaac, Louie has control over the weather, being able to create a thunderstorm and rain.
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