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Phew, baby.

–Lucy in Sal & Gabi Break the Universe.

Lucile “Lucy” Vidón is the second wife of Gustavo Vidón, stepmother of Sal Vidón, and the assistant principal of an unnamed elementary school.


Lucy was married at one point but her husband died. She was the vice principal of the elementary school Sal Vidon attended, he would often be sent to her for acting out but was never punished because she knew what it was like to lose a loved one. After meeting him to discuss Sal, she married Gustavo Vidón.

However, her step-son would unintentionally bring her husband‘s first wife to their dimension from alternate dimensions and the three would fight. She and her family would move to Miami, Florida and she took up a job as assistant principal at an elementary school.

Sal & Gabi Duology

Sal Vidon, Lucy's stepson.

Sal & Gabi Break the Universe

She and her husband arrive home to find Floramaria Vidón cooking. She is curious why Mami was so calm, Sal informs her that he said she was Mrs. Scott, an architect renting a room. As dinner goes on Mami offers to teach her dance. Sal passes out and they take him to the hospital. Lucy expresses her unease whenever Floramaria is around. She and Gustavo decide to take away Sal’s magic privileges for a week but decide against it when he wakes up. They get home at 5:30 and take a shower. When they are out she and Gustavo ask Sal if he brought Floramaria back intentionally. Sal says no, and she feels it is only the half truth.

Later that they, Gustavo and Sal take her to her favorite restaurant to tell her about the machine in the living room. Instead of getting angry she asks why there. Later that night she talks with Sal. She suggests Sal text Gabi to see what he can do.

She and Gustavo let Sal spend the night at the hospital and get to meet Gabi Real and her family. She reluctantly lets Sal and Gabi go to Culeco and is shocked when Gabi reveals he has a key to the school. As she and her husband leave, they spend almost an hour saying goodbye to the Reals.

The next day she and her husband bring Sal and Gabi props to work on their Everyman play and she hugs Reina Real when seeing her. The following day she watches the play and enjoys it.

As they drive home she and her husband congratulate Sal on his performance but rush back to the hospital when they learn that Iggy’s immune system has shut down.

A week after Iggy recovers she translates the thank you texts Aventura Rios sends to Sal.

Sal & Gabi Fix the Universe

She runs downstairs to see if the Remembranation Machine, a machine her husband built to fix the holes Sal made in the universe, works. They walk inside and the tests succeed. However Sal passes out and she takes him out of the machine. After testing his blood sugar levels, which are normal, her husband explains that the machine is preventing Sal from using his powers. They then get a call from Bonita, who has Gabi and Iggy, with her, saying she will be at their house in a few minutes. After Bonita hangs up, Sal jokes that they should appreciate the calm before Gabi arrives. She jokingly says he should be nicer to his “girlfriend”, and he jokingly says she is. She believes this and, after he came out as asexual, is shocked by this. When Gustavo reveals Sal is joking, she playfully hits him before she and her husband leave to get changed. After they get dressed they greet the Reáls. When they come outside, Sal inadvertently activates the disco function on Iggy's baby carrier. After Gabi deactivates it, she also Gustavo greet Iggy. However the baby starts screaming when he enters the house. He soon stops and the others wondering what to do next, Sal suggests they wait until it happens again, which it does. Iggy stops when he exits the house and Bonita takes him to the hospital. Gabi soon says she she feels pins and needles and emptiness.

After learning that Yasmany Robles, a classmate of Sal's, is going to spend the night with them, she takes the rest of the day off to prepare a room for their guest. She ignores Sal's request for Yasmany to think they don’t know he is at the Coral Castle and shows him to the room she fixed up for him before leaving the two to get their homework done. She and Gustavo play video games with the boys before going to bed. The following morning she expresses her disappointment in Sal for “messing” with his father’s equipment and they ground him for two weeks.

After learning Sal was made co-director, she picks him, Gabi, Yasmany, and Aventura up from detention and, as her car's AI drives them to Gabi's house, she helps them brainstorm. When they arrive, she, Sal, and Aventura are amazed at the backyard. They find Ms. Reál and the dads eating empanadas at an outdoor kitchen and join them. She reminds Ms. Reál that Sal cannot eat empanadas due to his diabetes, however they already have two backed empanadas for him, one made out of insects. She tells her husband, who arrived before them, that insects are the food of the future as he watches Sal eat it in disgust.After eating, the kids discuss their plan to retell the story as a more ethnically diverse play reflecting the various ethnicities of the student body. They go on to explain that the play will be held in different classrooms with different students playing the same part and need multiple costumes. The adults agree to help and Gabi says she and Sal should scout out the school for rooms that will work for the play. Before they leave, Ms. Reál says a new dad is joining the family. They are shocked to learn it is Yasmany and she joins in a group hug.

She and her hsband are informed of the rogue Gabi and participate in the plan to stop her. Soon after they have her where they want her, Sal has Vorágine signal the others and her, Gustavo, Gabi, Principal Torres, the Entropy-sweeper, and the Sisterverse barge in and subdue the rogue Gabi while Mr. Milagros stands watch. As Sal explains everything to Principal Torres and tells them to let the rogue Gabi up as she wanted to get caught, she helps the Entropy-sweeper and the toilet get to know each other. After rogue Gabi says she misses her old life and cries, they all comfort her before they decide to enroll her at Culeco.   


Lucy is a woman of European decent with gray hair and blue eyes. She wears glasses.


Lucy is shown to be a kind and caring woman to both her husband and stepson. She can be both stern and understanding.


  • Lucy could be a reference to the 1950’s sitcom I Love Lucy, where the title character, and her actress, is an American woman married to a Cuban born man, both in the show and in real life.
  • She is disturbed by Vaseline.
  • Lucy enjoys chocolate.
  • She says “Phew” a lot.
  • Lucy has a car with an auto pilot system called Petunia.
  • She wears flying squirrel footie pajamas with fabric skin flaps and a hood.
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