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The Lydian Drakon hide was a spoil of war won by Clarisse.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Last Olympian

One of the monsters sent out was the Lydian Drakon. It had been foretold that only a child of Ares could slay the monster and since Kronos had been informed that the Ares Cabin was not fighting because they were angry that the Apollo cabin took the one remaining chariot in the camp. Silena Beauregard managed to get Ares cabin to fight by masquerading as Clarisse. She went so far as to attack the Lydian Drakon only to be fatally wounded by its poison. It was only then that the real Clarisse (who had come to find where the rest of her cabin and her armor was) who saw her friend dying re-entered the war. She faced the Drakon with no armor or shield, and armed solely with an electric spear, Clarisse fearlessly jumped on the Drakon's head and shoved her spear into the Drakon's one good eye so hard the point broke and enough electricity was released it electrocuted the Drakon to death. Clarisse jumped off it just before the electricity hit. This action was so impressive she received the Blessing of Ares (which made her temporarily invincible to all attacks). Clarisse took the grappling hooks, threw them through the eyes of the Lydian Drakon and attached the hooks to her chariot. Clarisse rode around Manhattan dragging the hide behind destroying all those monsters who challenged her. The confrontation and after effect are similar to an event from the Illiad.

Similarity To The Illiad

The encounter Clarisse had with the Lydian Drakon is very similar to one from the Illiad. In the Illiad, Achilles, who felt dishonored by Agamemnon withdrew from battle despite the assistance the Greeks needed. Achilles's dearest friend, Patroclus, put on Achilles's armor and faced Hector in combat. Hector ended up slaying Patroclus. When Achilles learned of his dear friend's death despite his feelings towards the other heroes, Achilles once again joined in the war. Achilles went out to face Hector in order to avenge Patroclus. After killing Hector, the all but invincible Achilles rode around the walls of Troy dragging and desecrating the body of Hector.

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