Lysas was the satyr who tried to spread the word about Pan's death.


Lysas was the chosen one of Pan, being tasked by the god himself to spread the word that, "The great god Pan has died." Even though he refused to believe this, he spread the word to the world in Ephesos.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Lightning Thief

Grover Underwood mentions that a sailor off the coast of Ephesos heard a mysterious cry saying that Pan has died. It is revealed in The Battle of the Labyrinth that it was a satyr called Lysas.

Pan in the wild

Pan, who chose Lysas

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Lysas is mentioned when the members of the quest for Daedalus find Pan in his cave in the Labyrinth. They are told about how the god had tried to tell the world about his death, and wanted to fade away, but the satyrs refused to believe this. He then tells Grover to do the same as Lysas.


Lysas is portrayed by Pan to be like Grover, who is brave, good, and a true satyr.

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