Macro’s Military Madness is a military surplus store in Palm Springs, California. It is owned by Naevius Sutorius Macro and his employees are Automatons.


Macro’s Military Madness was warehouse store with a glowing red sign that said it's name in capital letters, it has a parking lot. Inside, the store seemed to stretch on forever, each aisle contained equipment no self-respecting army would want. Near the entrance, a giant bin with a neon purple sign promised PITH HELMETS! BUY 3, GET 1 FREE. An end-of-aisle display featured a Christmas tree built of stacked propane tanks with garlands of blowtorch hoses, and a placard that read ’TIS ALWAYS THE SEASON!. Two aisles, each a quarter of a mile long, were entirely devoted to camouflage clothing in every possible color: desert brown, forest green, arctic grey, and hot pink. Directory signs hung over each lane, they included HOCKEY HEAVEN, GRENADE PINS, SLEEPING BAGS, BODY BAGS, KEROSENE LAMPS, CAMPING TENTS, and LARGE POINTY STICKS. At the far end of the store, a massive yellow banner screamed FIREARMS!!!. The logo was a smiling Roman Centurion making the okay sign.

The Trials of Apollo

The Burning Maze

Apollo and Grover Underwood went to Macro’s Military Madness to search for Mellie's husband, Gleeson Hedge.

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