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Appius Claudius Iratus (also known as Mad Claude) is a Roman ba.


In life, Mad Claude was a Roman legionnaire who was stationed in Bahariya, much to his disgust. He eventually died of the wasting disease, but his wife ignored his wishes to be buried in the Roman manner and instead had him mummified, but the priest didn't know what they were doing and only partially completed the rituals. This trapped Mad Claude's ghost in the Bahariya catacombs for centuries.


The Throne of Fire

He is at a burial site under a water tower. He is a Roman ba that does not have a bird's body because his life was prepared for another afterlife and he was not given a proper Egyptian ritual. He helped Sadie and Walt reach the location of the third scroll of the Book of Ra. When the two magicians succeeded in claiming the scroll, he asked them to give him the ceremonial knife given to Sadie by Anubis. When they refused, he commanded the mummies to attack them but was defeated when the god Ptah came to the magicians' rescue by summoning a horde of rats that ate away the mummies, causing Mad Claude to vanish. Ptah stated that with the destruction of Mad Claude and the mummies bodies, their ba will finally go to the Underworld where they belong.

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