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Magic Salsa, Inc. is a salsa company located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

While being chased by Sekhmet, Zia Rashid directs Carter Kane to land Amos' Boat at Magic Salsa, Inc. However, Sekhmet sets the boat on fire and it crashes through the warehouse roof, setting the dried chili peppers inside on fire. The heat from the fire eventually causes the entire warehouse to implode. In the parking lot, Sekhmet's breath turns much of the parking lot and the vehicles in it into desert sand while Sadie's ha-di spell blasts a crater into the asphalt. Finally, Carter opens all six silos of salsa using his combat avatar and tricks Sekhmet into drinking it, causing her to pass out and transform into Hathor.

Following the battle, Magic Salsa, Inc. is left in a wrecked state. Needing a new way to Phoenix, the three magicians steal the single surviving sixteen-wheeler from the parking lot, using an enchanted coat to drive it.

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