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Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard is a Norse mythology series by Rick Riordan. The book follows a sixteen-year-old teenager named Magnus Chase, who discovers that he is the son of the Norse God, Frey, and his quest to delay Ragnarök. The series takes place in the same universe as the Camp Half-Blood series and The Kane Chronicles.


Main Series

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Main Characters

  • Magnus Chase- Magnus Chase is the protagonist and POV character of the series. Magnus is the demigod son of Frey and Natalie Chase. When he was fourteen, his mother was killed by wolves and he was homeless for two years until he went to Valhalla after fighting Surt. Magnus became an einherjar and moved into Floor Nineteen. He helped save the world numerous times, the first time stopping Surt and binding Fenris, and the second time imprisoning Loki for the second time. Magnus has healing powers and is immune to fire, and has a sword named Jack. He is dating Alex Fierro and is close friends with Hearthstone, Blitzen, Sam, T.J., Mallory, Amir, and Halfborn. He is cousins with Annabeth.
  • Alex Fierro- Alex Fierro is a genderfluid child of Loki. Alex was kicked out of her house and became homeless for being genderfluid and a demigod. Alex made it to Hotel Valhalla and became an einherjar by saving a demigod from wolves. Alex helped find Thor’s Hammer and stopping Loki from starting Ragnarök. Alex can shapeshift and her weapon is a garrote wire. Alex is also very gifted in pottery and loves fashion. Alex is dating Magnus and is the half-sibling of Sam.
  • Hearthstone- Hearth is a deaf elf from Alfheim and is learning Elf magic or Alf Seidr. Hearth is mute and communicates in Alf sign language. Hearth was abused by his family and blamed for his brother, Andirons, Death, and was forced to pay a wergild and write down what he said. Hearth later became friends with Blitzen and became a protector for Magnus. Hearthstone helped defeat Surt and rebind Fenris, and helped stop Loki from starting Ragnarök. Hearth is best friends with Magnus, Sam, and Blitzen, and maybe dating Inge.
  • Blitzen- Blitzen is a dwarf from Nidavellir and a demigod son of Freya, making him and Magnus cousins. Blitzen’s father died while trying to rebind Fenris. Blitzen later became a protector for Magnus and met Hearth. Blitzen helped rebind Fenris and stopping Loki from starting Ragnarök. Blitzen is very talented in fashion and loves clothing. He owns a store called Blitzen’s Best. His best friends are Magnus, Sam, and Hearthstone.
  • Samirah al-Abbas- Sam Al-Abbas is a Muslim daughter of Loki and a Valkyrie from Dorchester. Sam's mom, Ayesha, died when she was young so she was raised by her Jid and Bibi. Sam was bullied at school for being Muslim and was called a terrorist. She became a Valkyrie when a frost giant attacked her school but she defended everyone and was chosen by Odin. Sam helped save the world with Magnus and wants to be a pilot, and is a math tutor. Sam chose Magnus and Alex to become einherjar and is close friends with Magnus, Hearth, Blitz, and everyone on Floor 19. Her half-sibling is Alex and she is betrothed to Amir.
  • Sumarbrander- Sumarbrander is the Sword of Summer that used to belong to Frey. The sword can talk, is male, and named himself Jack. Jack belonged to Frey until he gave it up so he could marry Gerd. Jack is doomed to belong to Surt in Ragnarök, and Surt wanted to get the sword, but Magnus got it and claimed it. Jack is very friendly and addresses people as senor or senorita, and tried to flirt with Riptide. Jack also likes to sing covers of songs, but he is terrible at it.

Supporting Characters

  • Halfborn Gunderson- Halfborn is an Einherji who was at Valhalla since 865 CE. Halfborn was born in Norway and died raiding England with Ivar the Boneless. Halfborn helped rebind Fenris and sailed with the Big Banana to stop Loki. Halfborn helped kill water horses with Sam. Halfborn knows 12 languages and has a PhD in Germanic Literature. He is close friends with Magnus, Alex, Sam, and T.J., and is dating Mallory Keen.
  • Mallory Keen- Mallory is an Einherji who was at Valhalla since 1972, and a daughter of Frigg. She was born in Ireland and died on Bloody Friday trying to defuse bombs she planted on a school bus, which she thought were in a soldier bus. Mallory convinced Halfborn and T.J. to become friends, helped rebind Fenris, and helped stop Loki. Mallory also helped defeat Gunlod, get Kvasir’s mead, and killed thralls. Her weapons are knives. Mallory is close friends with Magnus, Sam, T.J., and Alex, and is dating Halfborn.
  • Thomas Jefferson Jr.- T.J. is an Einherji and a son of Tyr who was at Valhalla since 1863. T.J. was born to an escaped slave and became a private in the Union Army. He died in the assault at Fort Wagner. T.J. loves playing video games and he has a bayonet as a weapon. He helped rebind Fenris and stop Ragnarok. T.J. also helped defeat the giant Hrungnir in a duel. He has a fatal flaw where he cannot refuse a challenge. T.J. is best friends with Magnus, Halfborn, Mallory, Alex, and Sam.
  • Amir Fadlan- Amir is a mortal in Boston who is Muslim and is betrothed to Samirah Al Abbas. His father, Abdel, owns a falafel restaurant and he works there. He knew Magnus while he was homeless under the alias, Jimmy. Amir’s eyes were permanently open by Magnus, so Amir can now see gods and monsters. Amir was later almost killed by Stan. Amir is close friends with Magnus.
  • Alderman- Alderman is the father of Hearthstone and an elf from Alfheim. Alderman refused to learn sign language for Hearth and forced him to pay a Wergild for the death of Andiron. Hearth later comes home to get the Skofnung stone, but is forced to pay his wergild and have Magnus act as a celebrity. Alderman gets a cursed ring that will pay his fortune, but he goes insane and turns into a dragon, which is later killed by Magnus, Hearth, and Blitz.
  • Inge- Inge is a Hulder from Alfheim and is a former servant of Alderman. Inge was the only one kind to Hearthstone and learned sign language to communicate with him, and grew a crush on him. Inge was beaten and mistreated by Alderman She later helps Hearthstone pay his wergild and tells Magnus and Hearth about Hearth’s punishment and the curse of Andvari. Hearth later rescued her from being enslaved by another family. The two may be dating, and Inge kissed him on the cheek once.
  • Junior- Junior is an old dwarf in a wheelchair who lives in Nidavellir. Freya asked Blitz to get jewelry from him. When they got there, he insulted Blitzen’s father, and refused to make it unless Blitz won a crafting duel. Blitz won all three contests because Sam sabotaged him by turning into a horsefly. Junior gave them the jewelry and the ropes to bind Fenris, but when he found out, he chased them out of Nidavellir. Junior holds a grudge against Blitzen.
  • Gunilla- Gunilla is a demigod daughter of Thor and a former Valkyrie. Gunilla was in Valhalla for over 500 years, was the leader of the Valkryies, and a Thane. Gunilla hated Sam and tried to kick her off the Valkryies by editing Magnus’s death video to make her look bad. Gunilla tried to stop Magnus from stopping Surt and was kidnapped by Gjalp and Greip. Gunilla died while trying to stop Surt.
  • Otis and Marvin- Otis and Marvin are two goats that belong to Thor. Thor kills them every night to eat, but they are resurrected the next day. They also lulls Thor’s chariot. Otis gave Magnus mouth to mouth and later brought him and his friends to save Thor from drowning. Otis also talks to Magnus about the wherabouts of Thor’s hammer, and the two took Magnus to Geirrod’s palace and Thrym’s palace. Otis is depressed and sees a therapist.
  • Thrym- Thrym III is a Jotunn and the grandson of the original Thrym who stole Mjølnir and wanted to marry Frigg. He was at the original wedding, where he and his sister, Thrynga, were the only survivors. Thrym stole Mjølnir and would only give it back to Thor if Sam married him and if he got the Skofnung Sword. It was actually a trick to free Loki. Since Sam is betrothed to Amir, Sam refused very to marry him, so Alex disguised herself as Sam to marry him. Thrym was killed by Vidar’s giant shoe.
  • Randolph Chase- Randolph Chase is the uncle of Magnus, Annabeth, Matthew, and Bobby. He lived in the Chase Mansion in Boston and got into an argument with Magnus’s mother, estranging the two. His wife and daughters died in a shipwreck trying to find Sumarbrander. He started working for Loki to bring them back, even if it meant starting Ragnarök. Randolph helped Magnus get the sword. He was later forced to unbind Loki with the Skofnung Sword and later killed himself.
  • Annabeth Chase- Annabeth is a Greek demigod daughter of Athena and a cousin of Magnus, a Norse demigod. Annabeth didn’t see him for ten years and started looking for him when she found out he was missing. Magnus later told her about the Norse gods and Annabeth told him about the Greek and Roman gods, and about the Triumvirate. Annabeth introduced Magnus to Percy.

Minor Characters

  • Percy Jackson- Percy is Annabeth’s boyfriend and main character of Percy Jackson & the Olympians, as well as The Heroes of Olympus. He visited Magnus to train him for being on the Big Banana and stopping Loki.
  • Abdel Fadlan- Abdel is the father of Amir and the owner of Fadlan’s Falafel. He learns that Sam is a demigod, but quickly forgets. He gave Sam pilot lessons as a betrothal gift.
  • Lars Alhstrom- Lars is a demigod son of Thor and an Einherji, who died on the same day Magnus did by preventing a shipwreck. He lives in Valhalla.
  • Dede- Dede died on the same day Magnus did by preventing school shooting and made it to Valhalla. She is predicted to become a Thane and die valiantly at Ragnarök.
  • John Red Hand- John is an einherjar who was reprimanded for killing someone with a spear in a no impaling area.
  • Crispus Attucks- Crispus was killed at the Boston Massacare. He is a Thane and an einherjar at Valhalla.
  • Davy Crockett- Davy was killed at the Battle of the Alamo. He is a Thane and an einherjar at Valhalla.
  • Leif Erikson- Leif is a demigod son of Skirnir and discovered North America. He became an einherjar and a Thane at Valhalla.
  • Erik the Red- Erik is a Viking explorer and stepfather of Leif. He became a Thane and einherjar at Valhalla. Erik suggested to Odin that his daughter, Freydis, become the next Valkryie captain.
  • James Bowie- James Bowie is a Thane and einherjar at Valhalla. Bowie was confused when Alex said that she was genderfluid.
  • Lord Nelson- Lord Nelson is a former British soldier and an einherjar and Thane at Valhalla.
  • Ernie Pyle- Ernie is an award winning journalist, and an Einherji and Thane at Valhalla. Ernie is seen explaining Alex’s gender fluidity to another Thane.
  • Snorri Sturluson- Snorri is the author of the Prose Edda, and is a Thane and Einherji at Valhalla. He interviewed many gods and goddesses.
  • Helgi- Helgi is an Einherji, Thane, and manager of Hotel Valhalla. He gave Magnus the task of recapturing Loki. He also suggested his girlfriend, Kara, as a possible Valkryie Leader for Odin.
  • Hunding- Hunding is an Einherji and bellhop of Hotel Valhalla. Hunding is friends with Magnus, and Magnus gives him chocolate bars.
  • Margaret and Irene- Margaret and Irene are two Einherjar and Valkyries who died trying to stop Surt.
  • Boudica- Boudica is a former Celtic warrior queen, Einherjar, and Valkryie at Hotel Valhalla. Boudica was a possible future leader of the Valkryies, but was dismissed for being too violent.
  • Kara- Kara is Helgi’s girlfriend, an Einherji, and a Valkryie. Kara was a possible future leader of the Valkryies, but was dismissed for being clumsy and giggly.
  • Freydis Eriksdottir- Freydis is the daughter of Erik the red, an Einherji, and a Valkryie. She was a possible future leader of the Valkryies, but was dismissed because of her age.
  • Andiron- Andiron is Hearthstone’s dead brother. Andirons ghost appeared to Alderman, pleading with him to not hurt Hearth. Andiron later told Hearth that he died wishing on a well, because he wanted to be just like Hearth.
  • Miles- Miles is a resident of Folkvanger.
  • Wildflower and Sunspot- Wildflower and Sunspot are two elf cops in Alfheim. The two escorted Hearth and Magnus to Alderman’s and later tried to keep them from leaving. The two were later fired.
  • Siersgrunnr- Siersgrunnr is a troll that enslaved Inge. Hearth defeated him by beating him unconscious with a club.
  • Nabbi- Nabbi is a dwarf in Nidavellir who has a tavern. He served Magnus, Blitz, and company, and judged the crafting Contest.
  • Nurse Bambi- Nurse Bambi is Junior’s assistant.
  • Dmitri- Dmitri is a member of a band that died in 1963 saving schoolchildren, and went to Folkvanger. He and his bandmates play for Freya in exchange for red gold from when she cries.
  • Stan- Stan is a sorcerer who went to Blitzen’s Best and tricked Amir to wear a Nábrók, pants made from the skin relative that can produce infinite gold. The Nábrók was cut off by Alex.
  • Ms. Jefferson- Mrs. Jefferson is T.J.’s mom and an escaped slave who went to Helheim. Hel threatened to torture her if T.J. doesn’t find Garm. T.J. does, and Hel tells T.J. that he may be allowed to visit her someday.
  • Tiny- Tiny is a giant who forces Blitz, Hearth, Alex, and Magnus, to carry his giant bowling bag on their way to Utgard-Loki’s.
  • Harald- Harald is a giant who took Sam and Magnus fishing in exchange for red gold.
  • Little Billy- Little Billy is a giant who competed with Sam in an axe-throwing contest.
  • Tattoo and Red- Tattoo and Red were thralls for Baugi who were killed by Mallory.
  • Vala- The Vala is a woman who reads fortunes for the newly arrived Einherjar. The Vala read the fortunes for Lars and Dede.
  • Stanley- Stanley is a demigod horse son of Sleipnir who sometimes takes Magnus to places.
  • Thrynga- Thrynga is the sister of Thrym III. Thrynga took Magnus and his friends to Sam’s wedding, and tried to take the Skofnung Sword from Magnus. She was killed by Thor using Mjølnir.
  • Pottery Barn- Pottery barn is a non-binary clay warrior that came to life that was created by Alex to fight Hrungnir. They were killed by Mokkerkalfe.
  • Mokkerkalfe- Mokkerkalfe is Hrungir’s clay warrior. Mokkerkalfe was killed by Pottery Barn.
  • Natalie Chase- Natalie is Magnus’s mother who was killed by wolves. Magnus heard her voice in Helheim.
  • Caroline Chase- Caroline is Randolph’s wife who died in a shipwreck. Magnus heard her voice in Helheim.
  • Emma Chase and Aubrey Chase- Emma and Aubrey are Randolph’s children who died in a shipwreck. Magnus heard their voices in Helheim.


Main Series

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