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Mallory's serrated knives are the primary weapons that Mallory Keen uses that was given to her from her mother, Frigg, who was in disguise as a hag.

Mallory Keen holding her serrated knives

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase first sees Mallory with her serrated knife when she was shaking the weapon in front of X.

In chapter eighteen of the same book, Halfborn tells Mallory to shut up and she reaches for her knife, most likely to threaten the berserker.

The Hammer of Thor

Although not clearly stated, it can be said that the knives Mallory uses to fight the lindworms at Valhalla are her serrated knives. The same can be said for the scene where Mallory helps fight the giants at the wedding.

The Ship of the Dead

It is revealed that Mallory was given the knives by her mother Frigg (who was disguised as a hag) during what would become known as "Bloody Friday" in Belfast in 1972 so she would go to Valhalla (due to having weapons in her hands) after Mallory dies disarming a car bomb Loki tricked her to set.


  • As of now, it is currently unknown of what the knives are made out. 
    • The knives are possibly made out of Bone Steel, but curiously, this is not mentioned.
    • It is also unknown if the knives could been made of Adamantine, a Greek magical metal who is also said to be indestructible.
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