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The seeds of hate can only sprout in fertile ground. Do not rush to blame all of this on the haint. But symptoms care not about who administered the poison. If the storm spreads, it will seep into the very fabric of this world and also into yours. It will corrupt all the stories, breaking them into fragments to be spread far apart and never heard from again.

–Mami Wata warning Tristan of the affects of the storm if it spreads in Tristan Strong Destroys the World.

Mami Water is the African American goddess of lakes, rivers, and streams. She is connected to all the sources of water in Alke.


Mama Wata originated in fifteenth century Africa.

When Nana Strong came to Alke, the both of them, along with Lady Night and Keelboat Annie, traveled Alke.

Tristan Strong Trilogy

Tristan Strong Destroys the World

Mami Wata was taken by the Shamble Man and chained into the remains of the Tree of Power on MidPass, forced to create a storm composed of darkness and negative emotions that threatens all of Alke. She is later found by Tristan Strong, Ayanna, Gum Baby and Anansi and freed. She explains the devastating effects the storm has on Alke and his world as they escape the imploding tree. She manages it stop it by creating a geyser. When Tristan mentions his grandmother, she tells him of her travels in Alke and goes with them to find Brer Bear. As they fly to Lady Night's Juke Joint, Tristan introduces her to his companions. She greets Ayanna, revealing she saw her flying over Nyanza at times, complements Gum Baby, causing the doll to blush, and Anansi, telling them she heard rumors about him trapped in a Story Box. She compares Tristan to his grandmother, calling them both stubborn in a good way, as they reach their destination. When they arrive, they find the joint in ruins and no one around. However they find Lady Night and a group of warriors from the Ridge. The water goddess and Boo Hag embrace and are soon joined by Keelboat Annie and wishing Tristan’s grandmother was with them. However the storm reaches the Golden Crescent and they realize Brer Bear has arrived.

As they fly to the Golden Crescent, she, Tristan, Keelboat Annie, and Lady Night imbue a quilt with stories as they prepare to take on Brer Bear. After Tristan's first plan fails, she pulls him into the bay and doses him with multiple jets of water, causing his armor to come off. Tristan helps remove the armor and mask, but the storm is still raging on.


Mami Wata is a woman with dark skin and a skinny build. She has dark hair braided in cornrows that flows around like she is submerged even on dry land tied in a ponytail. In the olden days, she was portrayed as a mermaid.


Mami Wata is a wise and caring goddess. However after being taken by the Shamble Man, she is somewhat hostile those she just met.


  • Hydrokinesis: As the Goddess of Lakes, Rivers, and Streams, Mami Wata can control and manipulate water.
  • Tychokinesis: Mami Wata can grant others good fortune.


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