Manhattan is the smallest and most densely-populated of the boroughs located in New York City. It is located mostly on Manhattan Island next to the Hudson River.


In the series, Percy Jackson lives in Manhattan near the Queensboro Bridge. It is also the current home of Mount Olympus, located on the mystical 600th floor of the Empire State Building. Manhattan is also home to one of two known entrances to the Underworld. The entrance is called the Door of Orpheus, and is located in Central Park. The base of operations during the Second Titan War was the Plaza Hotel, just north of the Empire State Building. The final battle between Camp Half Blood and Kronos' army took place at the base of the Empire State Building, with Camp Half-Blood emerging victorious. In the prophecy the line, "and see the world in endless sleep" is referring to the spell Morpheus cast over Manhattan, causing all the mortals in, or coming to Manhattan fall asleep. A lot of heroes were killed there including: Luke Castellan, Ethan Nakamura, Michael Yew amongst many others.

It also contains a number of automatons created by Daedalus to assist in the defense of Mount Olympus, otherwise known as Plan Twenty-Three. These statues were activated by Annabeth Chase during the second Titan war. Known automatons include:

Battle of Manhattan

The map of Manhattan shown during The Battle of Manhattan.

Residents and Points of Interest


  • Silena Beauregard's father was mentioned to own a chocolate store in the Village.
  • Though not particularly noted in The Kane Chronicles series, Egyptian gods and the House of Life tend to avoid Manhattan because of other problems caused by the existence of Olympus atop the Empire State Building. This was also a reference when Carter Kane spotted what were supposedly pegasi flying around.
  • The area of New York City, is avoided by Camp Jupiter, in the same way the Greek demigods were told to avoid San Francisco.
  • It's not really an island, since it's not a sea but a river that separates Manhattan from the rest of the region.
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