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Rotten? Dude, that's the worst strategy I've ever heard. Wait- you're serious? They'll freak, and you know what happens when a big group of people freak? They do stupid things. They feed off each other's worst fears and do anything to survive.

–Marco to Zane on telling the truth to godborns in The Shadow Crosser.

Marco is a Mayan Godborn, son of Nakon, the Mayan god of war.


Marco was born to Nakon, the Mayan war god, and an unknown human mother. He eventually came across a memoir by Zane Obispo that triggered his godborn heritage.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Fire Keeper

Marco is abducted by Gee, but not without putting up a fight, and conscripted in service of the hero twins.

Later after Zane is captured he demonstrates his abilities by transforming his face to look like Brooks before revealing his true face and and calling Zane a liar. After the demonstrations he and the other godborns are revealed to be in cages and he tries to pick the lock on his with a screw driver. Soon Ah-Puch, Rosie, and Ren Santiago arrives and Ren picks his lock and frees him along with the other godborns. However he throws a hammer at the crane Camazotz is sleeping on and wakes the bat god. Ah-Puch joins his friend and they explain to the godborns that they and Hurakan will be sacrificed to resurrect the Mexica Gods and create a world where the twins rule. Marco and the other freed godborns hide behind cars and throw whatever they can find at the bats. After Ah-Puch stabs Camazotz and opens a gateway, he and the others try to escape through it but fail when Camazotz kills Ah-Puch and the gateway closes. After Ah-Puch is revived, he and the others escape through a new gateway portal into an unknown jungle as he holds off the bat god. When Zane tells them to run, he and the others convince him to let them fight and the son of Hurakan allows them to be his auxiliary forces. He promises Zane he will try to not get himself and the others killed.

After the twins' escape and the gods catch Zane and Brooks, he and the others make themselves known by the gods, much to their shock. They go to Xib'alb'a and wait outside as Zane explains everything to the gods. He is somewhat untrusting of Zane, seeing him as the cause of his abduction, but agrees with the others in that he wants to be claimed. He is revealed to be a son of Nakon and given a golden jaguar tooth to contact his father before being sent home.

The Shadow Crosser

He is seen at the claiming ceremony looking nervous. Later that day he goes to his treehouse, which he shares with Zane and an unknown girl. That night he dreams he and his father are skydiving and the war god’s parachute doesn’t open. The following he defends Louie when another godborn mocks the son of Chaac’s dream. Soon a food fight breaks out and Hondo has everyone, except him and Louie, leave. They explain their dreams and Zane explains what he learned about K'iin and the danger SHIHOM is in. When he sarcastically mentions the son of Hurakan should ask the calendar, he agrees. After Zane tells the others about current events, Marco expresses anger over running away and wants to stay and fight. He is tasked with defending SHIHOM and the Ceiba World Tree from the bat god and Ixkik'. He joins the others in the library as they search for information on the Cave of the Crystals and doubts the plan would work. Soon Itzamna arrives and tells them to leave as the tree is under attack. He goes with Adrik, Hondo, Brooks, and the other godborns to a safe house in Montana.

When Zane, Ren, Alana, and Louie arrive in Montana, they explain how the gods are trapped in 1987 to him, Brooks, and Hondo. They question their next move until they realize they can use the threads from Ren's watch to travel back in time. He is concerned about the return trip and they are warned not to interact with others from the past and someone needs to act as an anchor so they can return, a Shadow Crosser. After Hondo volunteers for the job, he volunteers to help him. Later as the others eat dinner he disguises himself as Brooks and sneaks up on Zane in a wooded area of the ranch. He reveals himself and tells Zane to lie to the godborns to to keep them from freaking out. However Zane feels they should know. When the son of Hurakan tells them and they talk overpowering the remaining gods and becoming the new rulers of the universe, he gives him an 'I told you so' look. The following morning he joins Zane, Hondo, Brooks, Ren, Rosie, Adrik, and Alana in the barn to travel to the Old World. He is tasked with holding the Time Rope to ensure they get back, however they warned that if they do not find the gods in twenty-four hours, they will be trapped in the past. He is joined by Zane, Brooks, Ren, and Adrik.

When they arrive in 1987, the son of Nakon imitates a guy's face and the others berate him as the son of Ixtab wipes the guy's memory. He takes the Time Rope, worried that it will trick him somehow. When Brooks realizes the gods are at the hero twins' old address, he theorizes that they don’t know they are watching the gods as they are imprisoned in an object. When Brooks realizes they can get help from Jazz, who they can memory wipe later, they go to his house while the son of Nakon stays behind to watch the Time Rope. It starts to get to him and he buries himself in sand until Brooks comes to check on him and take him to an ally. He buries himself again while the others are saving the gods from the twins and they return to the present to find Hondo has aged drastically and Saqik'oxol arrives to tell them the World Tree is under attack and summons her army.

They arrive in Hurakan's treehouse to see the jungle burning and the records being destroyed. Soon the Sparkstriker leaves to fight, Ren and Brooks leave to search for a pair of gods the Devorer regurgitated, and Rosie goes to look for Ixtab. The Devourer says she can heal Hondo if he, Adrik, and Zane heal her. They agree, but after they do so she regurgitates a teenaged Camazotz, who says something about Ixkik' before passing out. Zane stops him from killing the bat god as they need to interrogate him. They see the Devourer, now a woman, heal Hondo before vanishing. Hondo explains blood moon betrayed the bat god so that Jordan can become king of the Sobrenaturals. However Zane thinks there is more to it and they head out. Before they leave Ren and Rosie return with teenage versions of Pacific and Ah-Puch. Soon Ixkik' says she is hunting down the gods and has Zane come to the Ceiba World Tree. They discuss their next move as Zane surrenders and the agree to find as many gods as they can. They form a plan and call for back up from Montana. He masquerades as a second Zane to confuse the enemy and fights them when Louie unleashes a storm.

Two weeks later during the victory celebration, he dances with Alana.


Marco has a dark complexion and bleached hair and a scar on his chin.


Marco is shown to be impulsive and acts without thinking. However, he is also very strategic, and is good at predicting others' reactions. He is suspicious and skeptical of other people when he doesn't see a clear motive for them to be helping out.

He is protective of his friends, as he started a fight when someone was mocking Louie's dream.


  • Prowess in Battle: Marco is pretty good at throwing things, including punches.
  • Duplicate: Marco can alter his appearance to resemble anyone.
  • Superhuman Strength: Marco is stronger than average humans and godborns.
  • Superhuman Speed: Marco can run at high speeds.


  • Marco is a masculine given name of Italian origin derived from Marcus.


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