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You were my gift, Hazel. My most precious gift. I was foolish to think I needed anything else.

–Marie, to Hazel, in The Son of Neptune.

Marie Levesque was the mother of Roman demigod Hazel Levesque and a lover of Pluto.


Early Life

Pluto, her lover

Marie Levesque was a fortune teller who was born in the late 19th century to a former slave, and lived some time before World War II. She specialized in telling people their fortunes or talking to spirits, though she did not believe it herself.

Meeting Pluto and Having Hazel

Through Hecate's help, Marie found and cast a spell to summon Pluto , the Roman god of wealth and the dead. They had a daughter together and named her Hazel. Pluto swore on the River Styx that Marie could have anything she wanted, so Marie wished for all the wealth of the Underworld and he was forced to give it all to her. Pluto said she could have it but also warned her that the greediest wishes come with curses. Marie didn't think much about that at the time and was oblivious to the fact that her child Hazel was cursed.

Due to that, Hazel could call precious metals and stones from the ground (diamonds, gold, silver, rubies etc.), but anything she pulled from the earth was cursed. Without knowing this, Marie began giving people the stones as payment, but soon the people to whom she gave them became injured or died.

Moving to Alaska

It was around this time that Gaea began to turn her against Pluto, who said he was trying to protect them, but she would not listen, and on Hazel's birthday, they moved to Alaska.

Every night from then on, Marie would be taken over by Gaea and would convince Hazel to help revive her son, Alcyoneus. Hazel did as she was told and on the last night, Marie was willing to sacrifice her life to save Hazel, but Hazel sacrificed her own life to save her mom by pushing all the metals and stones she had called up back into the earth; they both died from inhalation of oil.

Daughter’s Deal and The Afterlife

In the Underworld, Hazel would be placed with the heroes in Elysium, while her mom would be placed in the Fields of Punishment. Hazel could not allow that to happen, and she gave up her place with the other heroes so that she and her mother could spend eternity in Fields of Asphodel. Hazel never saw her again after this as the two never found each other, and Hazel says Marie may not even remember her life while she is a spirit in the Underworld.

The Heroes of Olympus

Hazel, her daughter

The Son of Neptune

Hazel remembers her mother in her blackouts, but she does not make an appearance in the book.

The House of Hades

When Hazel is talking to Hecate, Hecate mentions that Marie did have some real magic, even if she did not believe in it herself. 


Marie is greedy and quick to blame others for faults that are her own. She blamed Hazel for many years for the cursed stones that she pulled from the ground, even though she was the one that wished for it. She also blames Pluto and feels he did not protect her like he claimed. While she was selfish, she realizes what she did in the end and she genuinely cared for Hazel to the point that she would give her life up in hopes Hazel would be safe.


  • Mystiokinesis: As a witch, she is able to cast and manipulate magic.
  • Mist Control: As a witch, she is able to control the Mist. This ability means she is able to use the Mist to alter mortals' memories and perceptions, also she can use it to summon a 'Mistform'.
    • She could create illusions.
    • She could create false memories.
    • She could make monsters invisible or have them be seen as something else.
    • She could hide locations.
    • She could summon Mistforms.
    • She could disguise people.
    • She could teleport via the Mist.




Marie Levesque was a fortune teller that summoned Pluto. They fell in love and had Hazel Levesque. Marie is the only known lover of Pluto (Maria di Angelo was one of his wives).


  • Her name is very similar to another lover of Hades/Pluto, Maria di Angelo, who is also deceased.
  • She liked to be called "Queen Marie".
  • Inspiration for Marie Levesque may have come from Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Marie Laveau was referenced in the Demigods of Olympus as being one of New Orleans protectors from the undead, as stated by Hades himself.
  • Her greed became her downfall, as Pluto granted her wish for fortune. However, the wish laid a curse upon Hazel, that she would summon deadly jewels.
  • As revealed in The Mark of Athena, Marie's mother had been a slave, as Hazel stated her grandmother was a slave.[1]
  • Like Maria di Angelo, another lover of Hades/Pluto, she has a connection to the Mist (Marie being able control the Mist and Maria being able to see through it).
  • According to Hecate, Marie was a real magical witch, though she did not know it herself.


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