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Tanngrisnir (pronounced "TAN-gr-IS-neer"), commonly referred to as Marvin in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series, is a goat that is owned by the Norse god Thor.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Marvin along with his brother Otis are frequently sacrificed by the Nordic thunder god Thor and reform from the mist of the Ginnungagap a short time afterwards. Magnus first encounters Marvin when Otis brings him, Sam, and Hearth to Thor who is trapped and drowning in a river thanks to a giantess. Initially, Marvin is unimpressed by the reinforcements Otis had brought, but Magnus proves to be useful and manages to free Thor by throwing Jack into the giantess's nasal cavity. To show his gratitude to the einherjar, Thor guts the goats and treats everyone to a nice meal of Otis and Marvin. Later, after the goats had reformed, Otis and Marvin pull Thor's chariot into Geirrod's palace.

The Hammer of Thor

Marvin's first appearance in this book is after Magnus, Alex, Blitz, Sam, and Hearth are rescued by Sif from a mob of angry giants and are taken to her and Thor's home in Asgard. Him and Otis are accompanying Thor in his "man cave" when Magnus and his friends show up to discuss their plans about Sam's arranged marriage to the giant Thyrm. Thor suggests for Marvin and Otis to pull the chariot to the wedding hall, saying that he can "see and hear what my goats can see and hear". The two goats comply and pull the chariot into Thyrm's lair. When Thor, Heimdall, and Vidar manage to break into the cavern of Loki where Thyrm intended to exchange his vows with his bride, Thor rushes immediately to check over his hammer, ignoring Otis and Marvin. Marvin clearly doesn't appreciate the gesture, as he states sarcastically, "we're fine, boss. Thanks for asking."

9 from the Nine Worlds

Just Another Decapitated Head

He and Otis are being watched by Heimdall while Thor jogs the nine words. The watchman dresses them in pajamas and takes videos of them until Odin sees this and tells him to keep watch. The goats then jump off the Bifrost.


Marvin is shown to be more focused and aggressive then his brother, often speaking his mind and chastising Otis.


  • Marvin's real name, Tanngrisnr, means snarler, since he does so quite often.
  • Marvin is annoyed by the fact that he gets sacrificed along with his brother every single time.
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